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Why am I craving nuts?

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Can someone please help me? I already asked the question about why do nuts have so many calories and I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping my servings down, but now I'm finding myself nibbling cashews every time I go to the kitchen at my place of work. There is a can back there and I cannot help myself. I want to know why do I want to eat nuts so much lately? Does anybody know why? Thanks.


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You could be craving them just because they are THERE. Because you see them, or because you know where they are, and you're hungry/you want them.

Or you might not have enough healthy fat in your diet? Or enough sodium/other minerals?


Could it be because it's almost that time of month? Another thing I can't get enough of is soy beans.

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I am not sure, but!!since I started watching my weight because of diabetes I have been craving peanut butter  (nuts) too.  whatever it is must be because of the good fat in peanut butter anything that has some kind of fat in it taste good. We will just have to allow ourselves once a day. I buy the natural peanut butter which taste better than the others..Have a good day


You crave it because it's salty and fatty and it's comforting. I have so many memories of eating nuts at Christmas or peanut butter pretty much all the time, plus it's my favorite food. It's something that's so easy to binge on and I crave it all day long, every day.

Best thing you can do, in my opinion, is get rid of it if you are having problems with it in the house. 

LOL!! That's funny you would say that because just now on my lunch break, I went back there and ate a few more and threw them away. I would rather not waste food but I'd rather throw it away then add extra calories!!! I can't believe I threw them away. I should have done that on Monday and I would have saved myself the extra calories!!! Sealed
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I crave cashews too. For me, it is because I need the fat. My diet (vegan) is otherwise low in it and that is my body's way of saying "Hey You, send some fat down!"
I agree with busy91- my body craves (good) fats and if I don't give it what it wants, it freaks out. Seriously- I eat everything in sight. Why don't you try some raw almonds? They have all that good fat without any of the oil or salt.

Oh honey believe you me I have some almonds too. I love almonds. I have these cinnamon brown sugar coated ones. I saw them advertised in a magazine and then I saw them in Krogers and bought them. It's all I can do too to keep from going over the 1 serving. They are so delicious!!!

OH MAN I am RIiiigth there with ya hun!
I absolutely LIVE for when my alarm goes off in the morning and I get up to eat my breakfast. YA KNOW WHY? CAUSE I PUT almonds, cashews and PECANS in my oatmeal E-V-E-R-Y day------it's like "the time of day when I know I'm allowed" ha ha so IT'S FANTASTIC!
 and guess what,......I know this doesn't effect Y-O-U but I've been in anorexia recovery for awhile and FINALLY GOT MY PERIOD BACK YESTERDAY and I TOTALLY KNOW that it's because I'm FINALLY getting enough F-A-T in my diet. I believe it's cause of my blessed NUTS :) ha ha----ALL HAIL THE NUTS!
 hun--just remember they are REALLY beneficial for you as long as you can keep the portion sizes under control. NOT SO EASY----trust me I KNOW :) buuut you can do it! Congrats on simply ELIMINATING them from your sight instead of constantly nibbling them :) will-power :)
Congratulations lilberly. I'm glad you have overcome that phase in your life. I must say you are very pretty and I know you will only get prettier the healthier you get. You can tell you are happy by your smile. Keep up the good work. Laughing

Nuts are a great source of protein.  I wouldn't avoid eating them, but just be aware of serving size and calorie/fat content.  I find that if I am getting hungry between meals, a handful of peanuts will tide me over until my next meal.

I like the Trader Joe's half the salt peanuts.  You get a pound for about $1.50, so not bad at all.  That lasts me quite a while!

Whenever I get almonds I can't stop binging on them. They are crunchy and have great taste, and everytime I need something to chew on, I take 5 almonds. But that could become like 50 almonds in a day. So I took the (hard lol) decision to not buy them anymore, and I try to get my good fats from natural peanut butter and olive oil. It is not easy, but it has been the only solution for me. You did well throwing them away!

I lost 100lbs in 9 Months (Mostly by cutting out simple carbs, and all refined sugar) So in general, pasta, bread and soda. The weight started coming off about 2-3 lbs a day, then slowed once I started reaching my target weight. All btw without exercise.

Recently I've found I have an insane amount of energy, so started P90-X, which I'm about to complete Phase III. I watch my food very carefully, and use supplements and 5-6 different kinds of protein. (I'm working on cutting muscle, and have a 6 pack now).

In the last 3 days, I've suddenly had an insatiable craving for nuts. (Almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, you name it.) Just last night I ate 2 slices of Ezikiel Breads toasted w\ Almond Butter on both. (And I never do that at 11PM). So ended up working 1.5 hours to burn almost 800 calories. Determined to understand why, I did some research and discovered this; %20food.php

I eat fish almost everyday. As well as chicken. Because of the holidays, and craziness I hadn't eaten fish in almost 2 weeks. Apparently my body was craving Chloride. With that realization, I ate a can of sardines for my morning snack, then added tuna steak to my plain salad for lunch. The cravings are now gone.


I read somewhere (have no idea where) that you could actually get addicted to nuts?.. No idea if it's true, but I totally have phases where I can't think about anything but walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pecans, you name it... They're actually very good for you, but calorie heavy. Eat them plain, raw or toasted. No salt or any add-ins. If you're worried about the calories, portion a baggie to take with you to work and eat that instead of the ones you have there.

If you're not partial to the type of nut, go for pistachios. They're the lowest-calorie nut i think, only 100 calories for 25 nuts. If you buy them in the shell its a good way of controlling portions cos u have to open them instead of just shoving handfuls in ur mouth, and i never feel the need to eat more than about 25 of them cos they're so filling and satisfying and it takes ages to get through them, I like to take them to the movies.

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I dunno.

It's fall.

Maybe you're part squirrel.

Because they are delicious!!!!

Nutrition facts from lightly saled Planters peanuts (a nut that people always avoid) :

1 OZ - 14g fat (5g polyunsaturated, 7g monounsaturated, and only 2g saturated) plus 2g of fiber, 200mg potassium, and 7g of protein

Peanuts and nuts in general are actually extremely good for you. People say that you should avoid nuts because of the fat content, but the fat in nuts is HEALTHY. If anything you should be eating the nuts FOR the fat content. Not to mention the other benefits. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to nutrition is when people try to avoid eating fat. While trans fats are terrible for you, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated aka Omega 3's, are very good for you. As you can see from above 12/14 grams of fat (86%) that come in a serving of peanuts are healthy fats.

A good rule of thumb is to try and get 30% of your calories per day from fat, so feel free to have the nuts that you are craving. You will be doing your body a favor. My only recommendation would be to get nuts with a lower sodium content, as excessive sodium intake can lead to cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure.

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