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Cottage Cheese mix-in's and "eat with's"??

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How do you "do" your cottage cheese? Does it fill you up?

I have bad memories of the old cottage cheese/peaches/lettuce from my grandparents house. Yuck. But I am thinking of trying it again, maybe with other things. Sweet or savory...any ideas?

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I like cottage cheese with pepper on it. For sweet ideas, you can get the cottage doubles and they come with little sides of raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, or peach jelly type stuff and you just mix it in. Raspberry is my favorite! Fresh peaches are really good with cottage cheese too, but I haven't tried any other fresh fruit.
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I used to have similar bad memories of cottage cheese.  A friend urged me to try it again just a few years ago with cantaloupe... it was AMAZING!  I still would rather starve than eat it alone, but with melon or apple butter it's a favorite snack.  (The apple butter isn't very healthy, I don't eat it much anymore)

This is a take it or leave it thing but, I like 

tuna with light mayo, onion powder, lots of celery S&P

cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese  and a few crackers.

I often have this as a healthy easy and filling meal. 


Or some good fresh fruit- blue berries and nuts or grape nuts with cottage cheese. 

OH MY GOSH---YES!! eat it with CANTALOUPE!! IT IS SO GOOD!! :) :)
I also pair cottage cheese with DICED TOMATOES, pumpkin puree/cinnamon, banana and a few toasted nuts, pineapple and mint, apple butter (it is reaaaly good), s/f maple syrup, pepper (THIS IS FANTASTIC),...ANY kind of fruit really,..pears, apples, blue-berries, strawberries,...MMMmmmmmmmmmmm :)
     give it a try again---:) you'll find a new favorite I'm SURE!!
also...which kind/brand/type of cottage cheese do you buy?
  I find that sometimes they are NOT appealing if you get a bad brand that is dry or the texture is yicky----
 I buy FRIENDSHIP 2% large curd POT STYLE---and also FRIENDSHIP 1% WHIPPED

      let us know what you like!!!
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Not sure what kind to buy. I've tried our store brand in the past. Ick. It's almost "powdery". I'd be interested to know what kind is the creamies for the least calories, also.

Tuna mixed in sounds good. With celery and seasoning.

Lately I have been eating my cottage cheese one of two ways

1. 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/3 cup fiber one. i also add splenda, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. Tastes so good.

2. 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup frozen berries (thawed for about 30 seconds in micrwave, berries still cold yet a little juice is given) and 1/3 cup fiber one. I also add splenda to that.

Yes it does keep me full...protein and fiber going on there. I for some reason like adding something I can crunch on when the food is so easy to just swallow ( like cottage cheese or oatmeal). If I don't use fiber one, then it is almonds.

If i don't want sweet cottage cheese then i will put some pepper, tomatoes and some celery sticks with it.

I like to put cottage cheese on my salad.  That way I don't use any dressing!

I've also made a veggie dip with cottage cheese by making a cottage cheese puree and using  Garlic Garlic seasoning from Tastefully Simple, though I'm sure you could flavor it with any seasonings you like for a dip.

 The fruit that tastes best, in my opinion, is pineapple.

Cottage cheese in salads, cottage cheese with berries, cottage cheese in tuna salad instead of mayonnaise, cottage cheese on sour dough bread/english muffins with sliced tomatoes and pickles, cottage cheese plain, and my all time favourite..

Try sliced cucumber, green pepper and red pepper with 2% small curd.  Sprinkle with S&P.  Nice light lunch or snack depending on the portion....
Personally, I've always been absolutely disgusted by cottage cheese with fruit (personal preferance... I know many many many people LOVE the combo!) so I prefer to keep things savory.

My favorite afternoon snack in the WORLD after a long school day is scrambled eggs (usually 1/2 cup egg beaters).  I scramble them and then add in 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese right on top after I take them off.  Add some pepper on top too!  Or sometimes as a specail thing to mix it up I'll throw in some leftover crumbled up turkey bacon... DELICIOUS!

i eat it with post shredded wheat cereal along with bananas.

&its good with grapes too! so yummy &filling!

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I mix mine with a diet (25 calorie) hot chocolate packet...SO good!

cottage cheese on top of spicy cous cous and vegetables! thats my favourite :D

this sounds REALLY gross but is amazing...

cottage cheese topped w/ a few raisins, some chopped red onion and fat free thousand island dressing.

I grew up watching my mom eat this and thought it was some form of torture, but when I eventually tried it, was amazed.

Also love it mixed with granola and sliced banana.

My mom's lasagne recipe (vegetarian) has the usual tomato sauce, pasta, etc, but then a mix of cottage cheese, eggs and thawed chopped spinach- I've used it to stuff peppers before and it's really good.

Any of the following work well for me: carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, stuffed into a pita or wrap for a lunch.

With honey, granola, almonds, and dried fruit

With apple sauce, granola, nuts

Stirred into oatbran, honey, nuts, and raisins

With fresh or frozen berries and nuts

Mixed with sliced banana, ground flax, and cinnamon

Mixed into oatmeal with canned pumpkin, maple syrup and cranberries.

Topped with jam and ground flax or peanut butter.

I also use it to make tuna salad since I have an extreme dislike for mayonnaise.



Ok, as far as cottage cheese goes, I usually put a little cinnamon in it and choke it down (it's only eh)

until TODAY when I decided to mix it with diced tomatos.

DELICIOUS! I had to start thinking of it like cheese and not like yogurt...I don't think it takes "sweet" as well as savory (and I'm HUGE sweet eater)

I almost always mix my cottage cheese with spinach. It's awesome.

Apple Butter the best!!!! I only need one tbs and its 20 calories so I dont think that it is that unhealthy

I love carrots and tomatos with mine.  It's good with spagetti and tuna or plain with pepper.  I dont do sweet with mine it grosses me out.  I've tried pears and pineapple but just cant love it.

Is cottage cheese some sort of adult-acquired taste? I remember as a kid, I could throw up just looking at cottage cheese, and I haven't tried it since the one time I tried when I was like 10. It sounds like I should give it another shot now though, maybe not plain.

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