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hi guys! i have a little problem. i am crazy about kellog's corn flakes. wherever i buy a pack, i have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. because i am so crazy about them, i try to buy as rarely as possible.

but....are they good or bad? i know they are not exactly super-healthy wholegrain, but how bad are they?

any thoughts?

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They're not terrible.  There are better cereal choices than cornflakes.  The trouble with eating too much of one food is that you fail to eat other, differently nutritious foods and your diet becomes imbalanced and unhealthy.  Reading your post on the other board, your diet is already pretty poor and you don't eat anything like enough in total.  So put away the cornflakes after breakfast and start eating a bigger range of foods and plenty of them if you want to be healthy.

You could also supplement them for breakfast with fresh or frozen fruit.  Since you like them so much I don't see any reason not to sprinkle some over yogurt as a snack.

They're bad.  High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Look at the store brand of cornflakes, some of them don't use the HFCS, but some do so you have to read the ingredients to find a store that has a generic brand that doesn't use it .  Unless of course you don't concern yourself with that :/

I told my dad to buy me bran flakes plain with nothing in them.

He bought me cornflakes!!!

Lol, way to go dad.. clueless...but they are good! I usually eat them with half a banana and some vanilla soymilk! I probably won't buy them again but I will finish the box!

I didn't notice the HFCS though....but I did notice that a lot of Fiber1 items have HFCS in them.


If we stop buying it, they will stop making it :)

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