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Copeland's Of New Orlean's is a TERRIBLE restaurant

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I am so angry right now.  I just had lunch (to celebrate my last day working at my job) and my coworkers took me to Copeland's of New Orlean's, which is a chain restaurant that is in over 5 states.  I just spent the last half hour trying to find their stupid nutritional information and they don't have it, anywhere!  And I tried to call, and they gave me another number to call, and the people there just sent me to someone's voicemail so I wasn't even able to complain.  Shouldn't it be a law that they have to have nutritional information if they have over a certain amount of restaurants.  The food was ok...but it definitely wasn't something I could pretend to know how many calories it had.  I only had 2 minutes to decide a restaurant before we went to lunch, so I didn't have time before hand to check if they had nutritional info.  I'm not angry because of my weight or my health, I'm angry because this huge restaurant chain was so rude about giving me the's FOOD, it shouldn't be this difficult to get their nutritional I am so angry right now...

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yep, just called again and no one knows where i can find their nutritional information...she was rude again.  So i was rude...even though i know it's not her fault.  It's pathetic that a restaurant that has at least 50 locations has NO nutritional information ANYWHERE.  Pathetic.

They should have it at the very least for people with allergies. Surprised they haven't been sued yet.

I used to think that it was a law that all restaurants had to reveal their nutrition information, but it doesn't seem to be as many of them don't.  I agree, it's very frustrating.  Sometimes you can find information online, but I always wonder how reliable that information is.

i tried online first, that's where i usually start when i want the nut. info...usually it's posted on the restaurants website...even candy makers put theirs on their websites.  I never found the info and i gave up and just substituted things that sounded similar.  Oh well.  I still think they should get some kind of regulation going there for restaurants with a certain amount of locations.

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Hi, I have been to Copeland's a few times. It so happens that one of the household is alergic to Pepper. At all restaurants, espessialy ones known for spicy food, it is good to ask of any concerns as he did and does.

I have found that the time to inquire about food content or caloric values is while ordering at the restaurant. Most will have someone on staff who knows the preperation and can make the decision to modify the food preperation for your specific intentions. Or at the very least, may have some material prepared for your reading.

In my experience I have found Copeland's to very accommodating. Perhaps the next time you go to a restaurant you may try this practice of inquiring of them the information important to you.

Especially considering and for the fact that they are known for spicy and rich food. Furthermore, the chef is the one who may know the answers and not the accounting or corperate bean counters and paper pushers. 

Think of someone calling your office and asking something technical about your environs or processes of which you have know need to know. What would you tell them? They probably did not think of referring you to the food preparer or the restaurant directly.

Nov 03 2008 16:01
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The way I see it you're on your own to guess the calories at a restaurant.  I can control my calories if I'm putting the meal together, but when someone else is doing it I can only make a rough estimate.  Judging from my weight gain results when eating a lot of restaurant food I'm an underguesser.  I can guess calories pretty well from the volume of the portion, but I can't account for the sodium and cooking fat that went into it.  The more I stick with ordering unmixed foods - steamed vegetables or rice, baked potatoes, grilled meat - the closer I get.

It's not the restaurant's fault if I overeat.  I always have the option to leave some on the plate or take home leftovers.

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I have lived in the New Orleans area all of my life and if anyone is fimilar w/New Orleans, you know we're known for our spicey, rich and fattening foods.  The reason I say this is b/c if you going to eat at a restuarant that was started in New Orleans and is named "Copelans of 'New Orleans'" that should be a hint that not too much on thier menue is going to be healthy.  Weather or not they have nutritional facts, when you're eating at such as this type the last thing you should be worried about looking up is the nurtritional facts and I say this only b/c the only thing they sereve that would even be remotely healthy would be the side dish of steam veggies.  When you eat at this restuarant you're going to want something fried w/cream sauce over it topping pasta.  You don't go to a restuarant like this looking for a "diet friendly menu". 

Besides that Copeland's of New Orleans' food is outstanding, espeically if you are use to eating southern style foods, which are spicey, rich and very fattening. 

The reason you are having a difficult time finding it is because they know if every single person were able to know the nutritional value of the food, and we were to make correct choices, the restaurants would go out of business, or change the way they prepare food and the food choices they offer.

Although this is not the New Orleans Restaurant, Imagine if we all decided when we went to a restaurant like IHOP to have the type of breakfast I had: Scrambled egg beaters, topped with salsa and a side dish of fruit. Water to drink. My breakfast cost $4.99 before tax and tip. Mom had the pancakes.

IHOP would go broke if everyone chose to eat right. At least they had a huge nutritional menu they handed each patron with the menu. It was wonderful to see!

As for co-workers and their food. Sigh, we have that issue here all the time. It's simple, if you cannot find the nutritional value of food at a specific restaurant and cannot make a wise choice, ask them to choose a different restaurant, one on a list you already have available for good food choices. It is not required that you celebrate with food. They may get upset if you turn it down, but you are not responsible for their responses.

The only way that restaurants will change is if we demand change, and people choose to change the way they eat and at which restaurants they choose to spend their money. With restaurants, it's all about profit.

You could probably make any dish you order healthy just by modifying the ingredients that are used - whenever I go out to eat I always have the waitstaff come next to me when it's my turn to order so I can ask this and that and finally order something that works with my lifestyle - if you ask nicely and treat them as an equal you can typically get what you want. But it does suck that they don't have any nutrition information ANYWHERE - but that will change sooner or later as states get more strict about food laws, etc... Perhaps you should "fake" an illness and be the first to sue?? ha ha!

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