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Cool Whip--is it in your diet?

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Hi, all.  I joined CC+ just last week and I'm counting calories to lose weight.  I have a sweet tooth that I want to feed with healthy things like fruits, but sometimes it really wants sugar.

I had some cool whip in the fridge and was surprised that it only has 25 calories per serving.  A serving size is pretty good.  I mixed some fresh blueberries up with it and I had a yummy treat.  It satisfied my sweet tooth and it kept me from gorging on milk and cookies (or something similar).

Yeah, I know it's high in fat, but I still think cool whip isn't a bad choice for a "cheater food. " Do any of you have use cool whip?  What things do you use it for?

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I like cool whip on strawberries.

I've been known to eat it by itself, frozen.  One spoonful of frozen cool whip usually satisfies my ice cream cravings.

I add a scoop of FF Cool whip to my FF chocolate Pudding.

i looooove cool whip, well actually i like fat free reddi whip the best. I take an apple cinnamon rice cake, slice a peach on top of that, and cover it with fat free whipped cream for a healthy dessert. Yummmm!

I use ff cool whip with a serving of angel food cake, strawberries and sugar free glaze. An awesome dessert with 170 cals.

To put it simply:  No.

It grosses me out that it's made with oil.  Not that I don't eat weird, unnatural things like Splenda and diet pop every now and then, but when it comes to things like Cool Whip, I'd rather eat real whipped cream if I'm gonna eat something like that.

Absolutely, cool whip lite goes on just about every dessert I have! Everything from angelfood cake & strawberries, to sugar free pudding, to icecream (it makes the serving look bigger), to sugar free jello, even baked apples & pears.

Cool whip lite is the way to go. It only has 20 calories and 1g of fat. It doesn'y taste very different either. Berries and cool whip lite is one of my favorite snacks!

i eat it frozen too!! Makes a great ice cream like treat, also great for smoothies, i make strawberry bananna/ frozen coolwhip shakes/smoothies alot, great for breakfast or a snack :)

omg, you just totally made my day!! XDDD


id been eating out of the cool whip container in my fridge every 2 hours last week, and i was so depressed about how much gunk i was eating, (cause i didnt bother to accurately measure the serving size i was swallowing), and now i feel so much better! XD


i shall go out and buy s'more cool whip riiight now, just cause i love and i was depriving myself cause i thought that the serving size was much smaller than it really is! =D

I too am going out to get some cool whip, and some cake mix I think I'm gonna make some more of those diet coke cake or brownies yummo!

Personally I use reddi-whip.  All the other spray whipped creams contain high fructose corn syrup, and cool whip is just fakely-weird to me. 2 tbsps of reddi whip only has 15 calories.

Cool Whip Lite + Sugar free jell-o = delicious and super low cal dessert

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I prefer Readi-Whip...chocolate readi whip!!!  Mmmmmm

I did, but I don't buy it anymore. When the rents buy it, I avoid it like the plague. I used to sit down with a tub of FF Cool Whip once a week to watch the only TV show I can find time for- Project Runway!- and just eat with a spoon like ice cream out of the carton. Now it's low cal and everything, but come on. 30 servings is NOT the healthiest TV snack. I'll stick to butter light/ air-popped popcorn lol. The aforementioned desert combos sound great, though ;D

i actually don't like cool-whip or anything of the sort.

around a week ago my cousin took two 2 squares of a dairymilk bar and put FULL fat frozen cool-whip in between the squares and made an ice cream sandwich type of thing, it was really gross.

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