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Cooking Salmon on a George Foreman Grill

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I like to cook salmon on my George Foreman grill, but I can never figure out how long too cook it.  Usually I cook it for 5 or 6 minutes, but that makes it a little too overdone.  So tonight I cooked it for a little over 4 minutes & I was halfway done eating it when I got all paranoid that I didn't cook it long enough.  It was less than an inch thick & my cookbook says to cook it for 5 minutes for every inch thick.  Sooo, if it's less than an inch thick, then about 4 minutes would be just fine, right???  After I took it off the grill & tested it with a fork, it was opaque (not that dark pink color) and seemed to flake easily, but I can never tell for sure.  Anyway, please calm my fears down & let me know if you think a salmon that is less than an inch thick will be completely done & ready to eat after cooking it on a George Foreman grill for just 4 minutes.

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the rule of thumb for fish is 10 minutes per inch of thickness, but with the foreman it will cook faster because there's direct heat on two sides.  i wouldn't worry much about it being undercooked, as long as the exposed surfaces are done.  you definitely don't want to overcook it.

besides, you like sashimi, right?

ahhh, so do you think 4 minutes on the George Foreman Grill is it alright since it's less than an inch thick?  Like you said, it cooks both sides...

I'm so paranoid about these things & normally I cook it longer, but this time I figured I'd leave it on for less time because I didn't want to overcook it & now I'm second guessing myself. 

It's tough to undercook salmon and, as the other post said, it's perfectly safe to eat it raw or partially cooked.  When I bake salmon steaks in the oven I give them about 5 mins total because they're getting all round heat.  The Foreman grill thing is a lot harsher than an oven so 4 mins or so would be fine.


Like the other people said, you could actually eat the salmon raw as long as its fresh so you really don't have to worry. If it tasted good then its fine!

My bf cooks salmon on the foreman grill all the time- he usually puts it skin side down and leaves the george foreman OPEN for about five minutes so that the skin goes crisp, then closes it for about 90 seconds. This leaves is juicy and just cooked to taste in the centre, but with crisp skin and a seared outside. Yum!

okay, whew...I feel a lot better now!  Thanks for your replies Smile


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