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cooking question

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this is kind of a stupid question but....i am a pasta fanatic....and luckily i REALLY love whole wheat/multi-grain pasta but i have a hard time measuring and figuring out calories....

the boxes always give the calories for a certain amount of oz. of linguine, pasta,etc.

is there a way to tell how much 2 oz. is by looking at it? Ive looked for those pasta measuring thingys but cant find them anywhere....any advice?
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You can measure it by diameter of a handful of spaghettit (pasta etc..) in inches

TRY HeRe....
I was told that if you make a circle with your thumb and fore finger. With the fore finger at the bottem of your thumb were it connects is about 1 serving.
Hey thanks guys that helps alot! My mom mentioned that 2oz is about the size of a quarter i dunno if thats right...
oh lordi, i just tried that hand thing, and it looks like i am only able to have 2 bites?!?!?!
that's a circle of raw pasta...

my hands make a huge circle... like silver dollar size.
i read somewhere that a serving of spaghetti is 18 strands.  not a lot for a pasta lover!

i have a small appetite, but if i can't have twice that, it's not worth the time to cook it.
cant you just get a scale and weigh it?
Once you do it 3-4 times, you'll be used to it.
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