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Cooking omelette in non-stick pan without oil?

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Is it possible to cook an omelette in a non-stick pan, using no oil, and only a few drops of water? How do I go about doing this?

Also, if I want to add onions to my omelette, can I just dry-fry them in the pan without oil and add the egg after? Will it still get cooked?

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Dry fry the onions first - they lubricate the pan slightly. Turn pan up to hot, throw about 1 tbsp of water on, throw in onions and stir them so they dont stick or get burnt. Turn it down once they stop sticking quickly. Then take out the onion, i'd say pour on about 1/8 c water and onion back in, eggs in and I lift the pan off the heat and wait until the bottom is sealed. Try and move the omlette once its set, as fast as possible. You'll need a very thin flat spatula. Making two smaller omlettes would be better. Dont flip until the top is almost set but you have to move it or it sticks. Otherwise use pam spray or even baking paper works. Not wax paper.

Laughing WOWIEEE!!!

this is just downright amazing, cuz for like... the last 2-3 weeks, my mommy has been making omelets almost every morning for me lol!!! she thinks she can make the best omelets or something!!! LOL... Laughing

but omg... the ones she make... are like... almost 300 kcal.... yes, im serious... that's cuz she uses virgin olive oil, and they're like.. 120 kcal per tablespoon !!!


--- red_herring >>>> how come you use water?? i don't get all the water part!

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