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How to cook Oat Bran?

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I never used Oat Bran in my life. I just went today to Trader Joe's and saw "Natural Toasted Oat Bran" packet there. It looks like it is jut a raw Oat Bran with no addon's. I have High Triglycerides and heard that soluble fiber in Oats or Oat Bran can reduce this and I thought that raw oat bran is better than flavored as it gives more fiber per serving with less calories.

Back to home with this packet, now I dont know how to cook this to eat as breakfast.

Do I need to cook it like rice? put it on a steam cooker and keep 20 minutes?
Can I cook this in microwave for 1-2 minutes?

First of all is my thought process is correct or do I need to buy regular oats or instant oats for my breakfast?

(Btw, I always eat processed cereal like Post grate gains, Kashi Golean crunch, Honey nut cheerios etc and I never eat raw oats too, so my knowledge is limmited on this subject. Right now I am eating Golean crunch as breakfast and I wanted to move to oat based to reduce my Triglycerides)

Please help............
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Aren't there cooking instructions on the package?  I've never had it just plain but I add 2 tablespoons to my oatmeal after it's cooked.  It can be added to baked goods too.  All you do is measure out a tablespoon into your 1 cup measure then fill the cup with flour.

I would think you'd cook it like cream of wheat or farina type cereals.
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Thanks for your comments. Unfortunatly there are no instructions on the package.

So, it seems that people wont use only Oat Bran as breakfast (due to the bad taste?) and we can use this to mix with regular oat meal or breads. am I correct?

Hmm, I will visit the Trader Joe's and try to find out the regular oats.
I saw your post and intrigued by "Oat Bran". I ate bran muffins :) but I usually only cook whole Oatmeal at home for breakfast. So I googled and found a lot of recipe for you to try. Here is a quick one: rid=251

As far as bad taste, my take on it is, oatmeal taste bad too (like no taste ^^; ) that's where brown sugar comes in :)

Instant oats doesn't stay as long in your stomach as they got digested easier. Whole ones doesn't take that much longer to cook anyway. Since both beneficially the same I gues it boils down to taste preference in texture, as in Smooth or Chunky (think of peanut butter or soup lol) Instant is smoother in texture, whole is obviously not.
I use oat bran as an additive... add it to oatmeal... make muffins with it (replace 1/4 cup flour with 1/4 cup oat bran)... use some in any mixture that calls for bread crumbs.

another aid for lowering triglycerides... eat more beans and lentils...
you can add oatbran to all kinds of foods to bump nutrients. I put it in oatmeal, I add it to stuff im baking etc.
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Thank you all for your time and useful comments.

I stared with this method.

1 am boiling 1 cup non fat milk then add 1/3 cup raw oat bran to it and cook for 3-4 minutes. I am not adding anything to it.

I already eat 5 days so far and the teast is not that bad. I really like this dish now. It is just 130 cal (oat barn) + 90 cal for skim milk = 220 cal.

You will get 6 grams of fiber (3 grams soluble) + lot of protien.

Try this out and you can add some brown suger if you really can't eat this.

I perfer this rather than Oat meal as it give more soluble fiber for less cals.
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