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constantly BLOATED!! - why me!?

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i've been with calorie count for a couple of weeks and have lost weight which is great. my side view is slimmer but the thing is after i eat absolutely ANYTHING whether it be water, a carrot, a sandwich or whatever i always bloat to the point it looks like i'm pregnant.
no joke - and i'm 15!!!
in the mornings is best coz i have an empty stomach and i can actually see myself getting slimmer, but then have an apple and i blow up again so i have to suck it in to see my REAL size.
what can i do?
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the SAME thing happens to me! I can definitely relate. I'm only a teen too, so its like what the heck. I'm 17. Its so annoying, have you tryed anthing for it?  Apples always make me bloaty, and yeah actually everything does.

If anyone experiences this also, let us know what you do to relieve it!  
Me too, girls! Fruits and veggies and carbs do it! I really don't know what you can do ... the MAIN thing that does it to me is carbs -- my beloved tortilla chips. When I go low on them (and other such carbs), I'm way less bloated. The only thing that satisfies me (mentally regarding the bloat) is the fact taht I know it's ONLY "bloat" and I'm not fatter.

I suppose it could be a combination of the foods you're eating ... I know that when you're not accustomed to eating fruits/veg that you tend to be bloated until you're body gets used to them. At least that's what they say. Not sure if there's any scientific basis to that. Peppermint tea is good for bloat/gas ... Other than that, I don't know what to say, except that I hear ya on this one! I have friends that have the same problem.
oh by the way, i have asked my doctor about it. All she said was that eating a lot of fruits and veggies can cause it. Depending on the person it can have a bloaty effect. So i don't know.    
It also give you the farts like crazy....LOL -- so be careful!
haha yes! what do you do for it, misspixyee?
bread, bread, bread....bread could be the reason.  try to cut out all bread (even pita and flatbread) and you will see a difference.  I have cut bread out of my diet....i used to be a big bread eater. now instead of bread I use large romaine lettuce leaves and eat them like a wrap. pretty sure this will did for me
girls, have you tried tea? In my country there are some sorts of tea that will help you get over this problem. You may also find in the pharmacy something we call "charcoal" and this is designed to absorb the gas in your stomach. If you are eating only fruits and vegetables is only natural for this to happen. Do you know the proccess of making wine? What happens with the grapes? Well, this happens in your stomach too when you eat raw fruits and vegetables. So either cook them or mix them with other types of foods. And try the naturist ways: see if you may find the tea I mentioned you.
sugar will cause gas and bloating, the key is to slow down the digestion process, try eating more fiber, oatmeal, bran, don't eat carbs by themselves, eat it in balance with protein and fats. Also as mentioned above, peppermint tea seems to also help.
Hi! I have problems with bloating too - I read something about it being related to the different types of enzymes needed to digest food. Supposedly fruit needs totally different enzymes to everything else and it digests much quicker than anything else. I find that unless I eat it first thing in the morning when I haven't eaten other food I get terrible gas! And yes, apples are the worst! I also read that starchy carbohydrates and protein require different enzymes so you could try not eating those together. Apparently it is ok to mix proteins with vegetables and salads etc. and I find that so long as I do this the bloat is much better! I agree with previous posters on the peppermint tea front as well (it's good), and about sugars/refined carbs (they're windy as heck)! I also find that not drinking for a while before or after meals helps - diluting my stomach acid makes the food stay in there for ages trying to digest, I look pregnant!
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hmmm fruit and veggies...that sounds right!!!
i'm a big fruit and veggie eater. fruit mostly. but only since i've started doing calorie count which has been for like a month. i've had a bloat all my life as far as i can remember haha. as a toddler i had a pot belly and growin up i always remember thinking when i woke up i looked best then i eat something and KABOOM. but yeah fruit and veggies probably explains it haha. thanks!
Carbs / alcohol tends to leave you bloated more ... you also get more bloated around the time of your period because your body is retaining water.

I don't know what to say really - a healthy diet and plenty of exercise should help that. Also make sure you're drinking enough water because you could be retaining water - salt also makes you retain water (I could be incorrect, but I do think I'm right) so cut down the salt in you diet. Not too much though, you do need some.
Have you tried Beano?  It really does work.
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I read this article about combining specific food groups. One person who wrote about it is Dr. Gillian McKeith. It seems there are 4 food groups that require different gastric enzymes for digestion and that's why some combinations can make digestion more difficult and as a result can produce gas and later on even cellulite. It's interesting how virtually every culture has a dish based on meat and potatoes which is one of the main causes of gas.

Food groups:
Group 1: protein-rich foods such as red meat, poultry, cheese, fish, eggs, milk, seafood, soy, tofu and all products from soy, yogurt; they need certain enzymes for digestion. Their digestion is slow.

Group 2: carbohydrates - all cereals, grains and products deriving from them, (bread, pasta, morning cereal, flour, crackers, all baked goods and pastry). Also in this category: vegetables with starch such as potatoes, ignames, corn. These need a different type (alcalinic) of gastric acids. They have a faster rate of digestion.

Group 3: all leafy vegetables, most vegetables, seeds and nuts, greens, spices, oils from different seeds. Also in this group: butter, whipped cream, margarine and fatty spreads, olive oil.
! All these can be combined with foods from either group 1 or group 2 ! But: foods from group 1 and 2 will produce gas if they are consumed together (for example red meat or any type of meat and potatoes or rice).

Group 4: fruit; all fruits are not to be combined with any of the remaining groups. They detain the record speed for digestion as they use completely different enzymes from the groups above.

1. Don't mix: Group 1 (proteins) and 2 (carbohydrates)
2. You can mix: group 3 (greens, fats) with group 1 or group 3 with group 2.
3. Fruit should be eaten alone, 1/2 hour before or after any other meals, ideally in the morning before other foods.
4. After a meal with carbohydrates, don't eat protein for 2 hours.
5. After a meal with protein, don't eat any carbohydrates for about 3 hours. Proteins take about 3, 4 hours to reach the intestin, while carbohydrates take 2.

6. if you mix your morning cereal with milk (especially with any amount of fat in it) or with meat, you'll get gas.
7. if you mix fruit and vegetables = gas
8. fruit and meat = gas
9. fruit with cereals or with milk/yogurt = gas

10. no gas: pasta and vegetables (except the starchy ones)
11. no gas: fish/seafood or any meat with all vegetables (except potatoes, corn, ignames, rice)
12. no gas: string beans/beans or vegetables (spinach, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes etc.) with carbohydrates/any type of cereal.

I usually opt for fruit in the morning or (never together) cereal made with hot/boiling water (eg. Kashi or any other porridge-style). Or (rarely): cereal with skim milk.

I eat meat with a big salad without any potatoes or what also works well: veggie burgers with salads (any leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, peas, grilled zucchini etc.)

Hope this helps.





Seriously.  Nothing gets rid of bloating better than having to pee all the time.  If I have a high sodium day (or have been drinking alcohol the nite before) I get super bloated, especially the next morning.  The scale will go up and I feel gut-trocious.  Drink drink drink!  You'll feel better by lunch.  If I'm going to have a high sodium day (which gives me the worst bloating) I'll drink close to 4 liters of water.  I typically drink nearly 3 liters of water and maybe have 2 or 3 cups of tea in the late after noon or just before bed.  The water really does help.

What I've noticed from all these responses is that there are two different interpretations to the term "bloating". As it is used in the first post, the person is talking about gas and abdominal fullness after eating. When the respodents say that things like sugars, starches, and alcohol cause bloating and that you should drink more water they are talking about another kind of bloating altogether which is water retention. Water retention will make you look fluffier all over producing the "fat day" effect, but won't cause the uncomfortable gassiness and abdominal fullness following a meal like the first kind of bloating. I agree that drinking more water is usually good advice and alcohol (despite marketing-driven consensus opinion) is just plain bad for you (even "in moderation"), but if you want to cure your abdominal fullness and gassines as a result of fruits and vegetables, the water retention approach will prove fruitless (no pun intended). You might not be eating enough, or you may have changed your diet too rapidly. With most people there is a limit to how much fruits and vegetables, especially raw, they can eat before getting gas. It may subside if you just stick it out, but the best thing to do is to fing a little more of a balanced approach to your diet. Make sure you are getting enough healthy fats in your diet as well as lean protein sources. Over-reliance on fiber-rich foods and grains is probably your problem. Try to reduce starch intake (even if its "whole grain"-don't buy that hype) and get more eggs, poultry and fish. Don't drink anything carbonated or drinks that have sugar (even natural juices). Get plenty of sleep.

DUDE: anything that enters my mouth = BLOAT IN MY TUMMY!!! I hate when I have to PEE... because I look like I am about 3 months pregnant - and that is ONLY WITH WATER in my stomach... don't even get me started about what I look like after... DINNER!!! (GASP - ha ha!) 

What sometimes helps me though is drinking camomile tea throughout my meals and chewing on some fennel seeds before my meal. I also take digestive enzymes before meals which helps a bit as well! Nothing like GOOD-Bacteria to keep your tummy flatter! ha ha!

Bread! I don't understand. I eat one slice of bread and I blow up like I am pregnate! I hate it. Is it glutin allergy or what? It hasn't always been like this. Only since I turned 35. Is it an aging thing? When I don't eat bread, I get very constipated. Oh and when I am bloated, I never pass any gas. Whatever it is just stays inside me. Help. Please someone help me. I get where I don't even want to go outside anymore.

if bread makes all of you bloat, perhaps try getting tested for celiacs disease. Its an allergy to gluten and one side affect is bloating.

Original Post by cherylal:

Bread! I don't understand. I eat one slice of bread and I blow up like I am pregnate! I hate it. Is it glutin allergy or what? It hasn't always been like this. Only since I turned 35. Is it an aging thing? When I don't eat bread, I get very constipated. Oh and when I am bloated, I never pass any gas. Whatever it is just stays inside me. Help. Please someone help me. I get where I don't even want to go outside anymore.

Try eating a lot of veggies to replace the fiber your body is used to getting from bread. If that doesn't work, try increasing your fat. If you have the fat first thing before other food, the satiation effect should keep your calorie levels where you're used to.

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