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Are there any consequences to eating too much popcorn?

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Popcorn is a huge part of my diet ‚?? HUGE. I eat it every day, in large amounts. Like, waay more than the average person. Of course, I get my other nutrients and protein, but popcorn is the only ‚??junk‚?Ě food I eat. Suppose it is air-popped, and I put nothing else on it (I am more concerned about the corn itself). Has anyone heard of any bad effects that come from eating too much popcorn? It is fairly rough in texture‚?¶ are there any negative effects on health? (Please don‚??t tell me weight-gain, because that is not a concern for me).

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As long as you're getting other foods, popcorn has some firbe so it could make you poop, but if you're not doing it now its ok. Also, its high GI meaning you get hungry quicker and you get sugar spikes 9can later cause problems MAYBE) but i woudlnt worry
IF you put stuff on it tho, like salt, then i'd have a look at that.
As long as you're nutritionally full in other areas, go for it
Do you pop it on the stove, or from a bag? I've found that buying popcorn in bulk, and then popping it on the stove keeps me fuller longer. I spray it with the Olive Oil Pam, then sprinkle it with nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and onion powder (powder, not salt). It's pretty tasty :)
Yes, actually, you can develop a bezoar. According to my father-in-law, who's a gut doctor, popcorn is the cause of many a bezoar, which causes fecal impaction in the colon.

I cut waaayyyy down on popcorn after my dentist told me that it was probably causing small cracks in my fillings. I have the white kind - porcelin?? - not the silver kind. I've spent a fortune slowing replacing the silver ones, mostly for cosmetic reasons. The small cracks would then cause sensitivity issues. I.e., it would hurt to eat hot or cold foods.

I still eat it maybe once a week at most, but I'm really careful not to eat the unpopped or partially popped kernels in particular.
It'll give you gas... :-(  {That's probably just a crude way of saying what jen just said, but I don't know what a bezoar is} 
I had to google that!

Thanks Jen and Claire - that was exactly the type of information I was looking for. So, are you saying that those who consume large amounts of fiber are at greater risk, or is there more to it? Fiber is a huge component of my diet ‚?? should I be concerned? If it is really that serious, wouldn‚??t people already be making a big deal out of it by now?
Well, the way my father-in-law (FIL) describes it, it's the kernels that cause the problem. They're indigestible, and they don't always come out the other end, but get stuck inside and form a bezoar.

This all came up because I was teasing my DH because he has a habit of swallowing gum. My FIL is a gut doctor - has spent his lifetime doing surgery on people's intestines - and says that actually gum isn't the problem, the bigger problem is undigested popcorn kernels getting all backed up and then causing "fecal impaction" which is exactly what it sounds like!

Didn't completely turn me off of popcorn - I still eat it. But I'm very VERY careful not to eat the unpopped or partially popped kernels. I used to eat those all the time - especially the partially popped and burnt ones. Weird, I know.

It's so good to know someone else out there OD's on popcorn. I am definitely addicted to eating a huge amount in the evening as my snack. My daughter is also a popcorn addict. Because of the fiber, it keeps us regular.(edit: added quote.) We prepare our popcorn in a pan on the stove. It is so much better. & Of course we don't eat the kernels!! Who does???

Along with bezoars, popcorn can cause problems if you develop diverticuli. My husband had no trouble eating popcorn all his life, until he had an attack of diverticulitis in his 30's - and now he can't go near popcorn. One handful gives him an attack.

Diverticuli are tiny outpouches in the large intestine. Undigestible food can get caught in there - seeds like sesame seeds, strawberry seeds, poppy seeds, and popcorn kernels. They essentially get stuck there and rot, setting up an infection. Horrible abdominal pain and antibiotics. Some people eventually need surgery if it's bad enough.

I'd say eat it and enjoy it, don't go too hog wild, and pay attention to how you feel.

What if you eat a large amount of it, say, once a month?  Are the kernels still stuck in your colon after a month?  I ask because I go through popcorn phases where for a week, I have like 2 bags of popcorn every day, and then for the rest of the month I don't want it anymore, so I don't touch it.

I have been eating popcorn for 50+ years anywhere from a few times a month to several times a week.  I have never had an adverse reaction to it in any form.  I ate 6 quarts of white popcorn popped in my Stir Crazy tonight. For me, I consider it one of the best snack foods I have ever eaten.

Original Post by white_sakura:

What if you eat a large amount of it, say, once a month?  Are the kernels still stuck in your colon after a month?  

 I would have to say no - if they get stuck in there, you would know within a few days. They would start to "rot" pretty quickly. My husband's diverticulitis happens within 24-48 hours of eating popcorn.

If you haven't got diverticulitis then it doesn't sound like a problem to me.  At least I hope it isn't, I eat about 6 cups of air-popped every day (sometimes twice on weekends).  It's high in fiber, and getting enough fiber is what's recommended for avoiding getting diverticulitis in the first place.

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I've read that eating too much popcorn can cause your body to stop absorbing Vitamin B which in turns causes all sorts of problems in your body such as rashes (which I have), anemia, depression, etc. 

How much exactly is too much?  I would guess that's really an individualistic answer as we are all different from each other.  It's kinda like alcohol, some of us have a higher tolerance on it than others.

I have cut my popcorn consumption from 3 bags a day to 1/2 a bag or less a day.  My rashes are almost non existent now.  Whether they have a corresponding relation with each other is debatable as my family is the asthmatic type anyway.

I'm like a canary in a coal mine, I'm first to get sick or react to products that may have adverse effects on a person.  I can name 20 products I stay away from because they make my body sick.  It's always interesting when some of these products' manufacturers are fined for having too much of 'something questionable' in their products and forced to recall them.

So, I believe that popcorn is a healthy food to consume but you can OD on it and have adverse physical problems over a long period.  Overall, popcorn is probably a helluva lot more healthy than chips. 

An old blog but a good one. Thanks for talking about it. It's interesting that maybe some of the hull or other parts can get caught in our intestine. It probably does vary from person to person. Personally I was looking at this issue because I had the thought recently and even bowel movement symptoms from it. The feeling of grainy poop with even some red blood associated with it that is very concerning to me and I may fore-go popcorn for a while because of it.

The getting caught part makes sense because I know how hulls sometimes get lodged in my mouth or throat and they are very difficult to get rid of. So, if they are in my intestine maybe a steady diet of salad will knock them loose. Time will tell. For now I think I will quit popcorn and see if the grainy goes away. ~ Our bodies are incredible machines (God).   

1. I ate popcorn while studying at night and put on 30 kgs in one year.

That's why I'm using this site - to assist in my efforts to drop the 'popcorn weight'.

2. The little wings of kernel that adhere to the popped corn sound just like the prime ingredient for a bezoar.

3. Salt in excess is appalling bad for your health and can lead to hypertension and other secondary complications and diseases.

Personally, I'm not touching popcorn again.

I am eating popcorn as I type.  My wife doesn't like the greasy keys, so I shall clean them some time today.

In the meantime -- I shall eat a few quarts of popcorn and caress each kernel before I put it into my mouth.

I eat A LOT of popcorn! The air popped kind of course. Everyday at 4-5 cups. I've been doing very well with my weight loss, down 31 pounds! Pop corn is a great snack to eat when you want something to snack on
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