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Confused about my diet.

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Alright - so this is my first post, joined a few minutes ago actually because I need some support/advice from what seems to be an awesome community.


I used to weight 195 pounds, was extremely inactive, and just wasn't making all the right choices. Fast forward several months later and I'm at 150, go to the gym 5 times a week, and here comes my problem...I seem to have forgotten how to eat right...either that or I'm just paranoid. So I thought I'd post what I eat usually and maybe get some feedback on if I'm doing it right, I want to lose about 10 more pounds. I'm 5'6 and 17 years old btw, male.




Special K Chocolate Delight (Serving size is 3/4 of a cup, I usually do a cup)

1 Medium/Large Banana

1 cup of Light Vanilla Soy Milk


[[Breakfast I have around 9 am when I wake up, then I go straight to the gym. Usually there about 2 hours]]



(1-2 a clock)


Usually involving Grilled Chicken and sauteed veggies.

Sometimes I'll do 2 grilled chickens (roughly 4 oz - 6 oz) with sauteed veggies and egg whites.

Other times I'll do 1 grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, mushroom, peppers on a wheat wrap. I'll use one slice of American cheese in it which is about 90 cals.

I'm always at work (except for Monday the only day I have off) and this is the best I can come up with.




(5-6 a clock)

Special K cereal bar (90 cal)

Fat Free Light yogurt (Depending on the flavor, they range from 90-120 calories)




Dinner it really depends, sometimes I'll pop a Lean Cuisine into the microwave.

Today for example I made egg whites, 4 slices of grilled fat free Turkey (100 cals all together), a handful of tuna, and I had a wheat bagel thin (100 cals) that I toasted and threw a slice of fat free American cheese (50 cals) on it.


The problem I'm having is after dinner I'll have this horrible unsatible hunger and I'll start snacking on random things.

Usually I'll snack on dried plums which I really, really like - but the carbs in them worry me.

Basically I'm confused, I don't know if because I work out so much I get so damn hungry or if I'm even eating enough.

I'm at an awe and some feedback, opinons, comments would be nice.

I'm going to start using the calorie counting tool on the site tomorrow, pretty excited about it. It told me to eat 2,600 cals a day which seems like a lot - then again, I don't know anything lol.



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You seem to be at a very reasonable weight for your height and age, may I suggest you focus not on weight loss but on changing your body composition to build more lean body tissues and muscle and lowering your % body fat? 

A couple of reasons why you're really hungry at night would be

1) there is very little dietary fat in the food you described. Fat is essential and not something to be afraid of as long as it is from natural foods like egg yolks, avocado, olive oil or dairy. 

2) there doesn't seem to be enough calories for you

Also, the more meals you cook for yourself (like your lunch) and the less packaged stuff (like your snack/bar/lean cuisine) the better your results will be. You also might want to consider adding a stronger protein source to your breakfast and snacks (hard boiled eggs?) 

agree with the above poster...

You're probably not  eating enough calories and when you cut fat out of your diet your cravings will be worse...fat is not the enemy just eat healthy fats.

There are a ton of great recipes online for homemade granola or protein bars I make them all the time for my snacks and they are much more filling and satisfying than a special k bar.

I would suggest finding a more protein filled meal plan as well

stop eating fat-free/low-fat foods. You are barely getting any fat in your diet.


You are also barely eating enough calories to get by.


Not to mention every minute you spend at the gym lifting is probably a waste since you don't eat enough to repair and re-build your muscles.

Original Post by armandounc:

stop eating fat-free/low-fat foods. You are barely getting any fat in your diet.


You are also barely eating enough calories to get by.


Not to mention every minute you spend at the gym lifting is probably a waste since you don't eat enough to repair and re-build your muscles.

This, 100%. 

You are eating a lot of processed, sugar laden foods that are not doing anything for your health and goals.. ditch the crap, and eat real food (whole fruits and vegetables, lean protein, eggs, fish, sprouted grains, nuts, seeds, and organic dairy)-- and eat more of this real food so that you're not starving yourself!!

Stop eating cereal bars and anything that comes in a box!

Thanks for all the advice now, things make much more sense now. I had no idea that I NEEDED fat in my diet, I am def going to incorporate more foods into my diet and all the healthy fats I've been reading up about. I'm also now seeing why I was so damn hungry all the time, looks like I was starving pretty much lol.

Just a question, how would I log grilled onions, mushrooms, and peppers? I make it at work as a side to the grilled chickens and egg whites, I don't really have time to measure it out as my lunch break isn't super long. I barley have enough time to weigh out the chicken. I usually just grab a medium sized handful of each and throw it on the grill. It would't be bad if I didn't log it would it? Trying to do this right.

I wouldn't worry so much about logging foods. For those that you mentioned, especially, the amt. of calories is fairly low as well as nutrients (fat/carbs/protein). I'd say maybe 100 calories for the three combined.

onions don't have a whole heck of a lot of calories in them..peppers are a bit more
i would guesstimate the amount. If it's a matter of 20 calories I wouldn't worry about it overly much.

Healthy fats that I incorporate are avacoados, natural peanut butter, and milled flax seed (i add this into my oatmeal or protein shakes/bars)
almonds are a good source of fats as well.

For me personally my calories consist of 20% fat 40% carbs and 40% protein

If you want to track them, just estimate how much you used. It may be beneficial for you to start measuring them out for a couple weeks if you can find the time, but after a while, you'll get familiar with amounts and measurements and will be able to estimate more accurately.

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