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Cold foods for the summer (Ideas?)

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Winter FINALLY just got over here in the midwest. Ugh. I hate midwest weather. Anyone relate?

So now I'm craving COLD foods.


Last night I made the mistake of eating soup. So this morning I woke up and needed something cold and refreshing! I started craving nice cold crunchy cereal, but I try to avoid cereal because of my binging.


I just ate some nice cold yogurt and drank some cold water, but what about later today?


Anyone have some NATURAL (meaning no icky artificial weird stuff) and COLD food ideas or recipes? (BESIDES frozen/regular fruit and vegs)




P.S The more protein the better! ;)

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  • Tuna salad
  • Chicken Salad
  • Cold cut sandwiches (w/lots of lettuce & tomato)
I eat a lot of salads, sandwiches and fruit in summer.

You could also make kebabs... grilling chicken and veggies.   

gazpacho (w/ff sour cream or ff greek yogurt), shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell w/lemon and capers, bruschetta and caprese salad, tzatziki and/or hummus w/vegetables, cannellini bean salad (or a spread made w/the beans), fish w/mango salsa

Pasta and veggie salads are my favorite in the summer. Last week I made a salad of chopped onion, tomato, yellow pepper, cucumber, shredded carrots and torn spinach with a little salt and pepper and a little splash of balsamic vinegar. I had one serving as a wrap with swiss cheese, which was amazing, then I had the rest just by itself.

Black beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, avocado, etc - pick whatever you like and combine it with a little Italian dressing for another good veggie salad. Those are my two current favorites, plus a bunch of fresh fruit. I love summer Smile

Tabbouleh, some kind of bean salad, sushi, hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches, cold plates with sliced ham, cheese, and fruit; salads with fruit, lettuce/spinach and cottage cheese; watermelon and feta salad; sliced roasted beets, oranges, fennel and spinach; insalata caprese; cold cooked chicken breast; any kind of slaw; salads made with shredded apple, carrot, and yogurt (optional) and then chilled... hmm. What else? Pasta salad (cold pasta + chopped tomatoes + chopped olives + asparagus + a little pesto and some chicken = awesome), panzanella, smoothies, meatloaf, guacamole, ceviche, etc.

Birchermuesli is a good alternative to oatmeal. Take rolled oats, nuts, and dried fruit (or buy a muesli mix); cover with yogurt, leave in fridge overnight, add berries or fresh fruit of choice, eat, breathe a sigh of ecstasy.

Honestly, I have more trouble thinking up warm things to eat...

try making fruit smoothies with frozen fruit and plain yogurt (so it's not just fruit alone). Very cold, and delicious! :)

I made the best "what's in the fridge" salad today.

black olives, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, red bell pepper, a little feta cheese crumbled on top, a squirt of lemon juice.  chilled.  delicious.

hummus is also great cold. 

cucumber salad.  yum.

i also make a yummy shrimp & orzo salad that's great cold and can stay in the fridge for several days.  it's very simple: orzo, grilled prawns, olive oil, lemon juice, diced red pepper, crumbled feta, fresh dill or tarragon, maybe some green onions, fresh ground pepper and a little salt - i don't really do recipes ;)

hard-boiled eggs are great, too: boil up a bunch and just keep them in the fridge for salads, sandwiches, wraps, or just to eat on their own.
I love eating frozen fruit. Peaches and strawberries are my fav. Not a real meal but a great snack. For meals I would go with salads.

Tomorrow I am making a pasta salad, with feta, olive oil, olives, basil, grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers, etc. I'll make it in the a.m. so the flavors blend for a few hours in the fridge.

what about smoothies?

some vanilla yogurt, skim milk, ice and whatever fruit you want.. blend it up and yum yum :)

Bean salads are easy and inexpensive to make, high in protein and fiber.  I have one in the refrigerator right now - black beans, chickpeas, chunky celery, grated carrots, a little minced red onion, diced green bell pepper, halved cherry tomatoes, and Maple Grove fat free Vidalia dressing.  It will be even tastier tomorrow.  It's nice to have something ready to serve with no further cooking or fuss.

Or try a Nicoise salad.  Just google it.  It's a very traditional arranged salad of greens, tomatoes, hard cooked eggs, tuna and other ingredients.  A very pretty main course.

Cold soups - cream of carrot, pureed until smooth and chilled, served with a spoonful of Greek style yogurt.  Cold green pea soup - just whiz up thawed frozen peas with whatever seasoning you want.  Strain it for extra smoothness or leave in the texture of the peas.  Swirl in a little milk and enjoy.  Cold beet soup (borscht) which you can buy in jars in the Jewish ethnic section of the supermarket.  It's served with sour cream stirred in to make it a beautiful pink.  Cold fruit soup - cooked berries whizzed in the blender.  Gazpacho has already been mentioned.

I LOVE deviled eggs in the summer time.  I make them with canola mayo, mustard, a little splenda, relish, vinegar, and paprika on top.  I cut down on fat, calories and cholesterol by replacing some of the yolk with pureed fat free cottage cheese.  It's delicious and you can't tell the difference.  Plus it's absolutely packed with protein.

I eat a lot of salads and fruit during the summer.  My fiance just started eating a mix of pineapple and watermelon covered in salt, lime, and chili powder.  He loves it!  I've tried it and although I think it's good, I prefer to eat the pineapples plain.

Any cold melon,lemonade with frozen strawberries,tomatoes from the garden stuffed with cottage cheese,seven layer salad and anything cold to drink.

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its cold and it makes u full  pretty fast AND low-calorie!

In summer for me its not so much the cold foods, as cold drinks.  Every day or so I make a tray of different flavors ice and some ice tea. 

I flavor the ice with fresh fruit jucies and pieces and fill my glass with them and then pore the tea (decaf sugar free) over the ice. 

I also keep grapes in my freezer.  They make a good frozen fruit snack.

Its not very protein-ey but i live by froxen fruit. Its so handy and tasty, you can defrost it and eat it straigh, make smoothies, lollys, sorbets. Heat it up in the winter, have it with ice cream if your being naughty! I use it to sweeten muffins aswell :)


freeze bananas and just eat them out of the freezer. it tastes like ice cream, omg its AMAZING

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