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Coke Zero

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I really like the new coke zero. It tastes almost exactly like regular coke but it is calorie free. However, I have heard that it is really bad for your body (worse than regular pop/regular diet colas).

Does anybody know if that is true? Is it bad for you? I don't drink it often, I consider it a treat, I never go over a can a day.

Any info on that would be great. Thanks!

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They are all bad just stick to water. add the crystal light packs if just have to some flavor.
They are all bad just stick to water. add the crystal light packs if just have to some flavor.
I realize that pop is not good for you and that water is better, clearly. However, I just want to know how bad coke zero is and why it is bad. What does it do to the body that is bad?
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If it has no sugar or fat which Coke has, then it's fine, but water is better.
Diet Coke and Zero are both sweetened with aspartame, but Zero contains acesulfame potassium as well. There's also Diet Coke with Splenda, which is sweetened with, obviously, sucralose [Splenda].

They all have a negligable caloric content. I don't know if you're totally against certain artificial sweeteners, but if not, my opinion is that they all taste like crap and Diet Pepsi's the way to go. =)
Diet soda is very bad for your body if you drink it in large amounts. You may have heard things like the chemicals used in it cause cancer. Well, the test was done on lab rats, and they were given such high doses of that chemicals that you would have to consume at least (probably more) than 10 cans a day for like, 10 years. But in moderation, I think it's alright.

I also believe the chemicals used in it are hard on your teeth, so be sure to get plenty of calcium and practice regular brushing and flossing. Other than that, enjoy it as a treat, not as liquid fuel for your body. :)
yeah i think the aspertame is bad...i heard about the cancer causing thing...but i just need caffeine one way or another, so i drink coke zero !
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I perfer diet coke or diet pepsi over regular coke or coke zero.  I like the diet coke because there are no calories..and i just hate the way my teeth feel like they are rotting every time i drink coke...the sugar content is waaaay to high for me.
there are many studies which say that when you ingest something sweet like splenda or any artificial sweetener your body expects the food and sugar content that go alongside it. when the body does not receive what it thinks it should be getting .... the body craves (or tends to crave) sugary foods causing you to want to eat more.

google the topic. its been all over the news
yeah i hate the feeling coke puts on my teeth! i need to brush them immediately afterwards...pepsi doesnt do it as much though....

i drink diet pepsi/coke zero but i dont think i crave sugary foods... lately i dont crave anything really....which is suprising
ive drunk a bottle of coke zero everyday and im still loseing quite alot still and im not craveing for sugary snacks but if i want some then i will,maybe it just effects people different
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 although it doesn't taste like other diet sodas, it still contains artificial sweeteners, which actually increases your appetite. I used to love coke zero too. but once i started to think "it's just a can of colored chemicals" i became grossed out. really, that's all they really are.

so just stick to water ! it's your best bet! once you get used to water, you won't want to go back to those chemical-packed drinks.

even crystal lite tastes REALLY gross.
Why is everyone so into crystal light?  What makes it different or better than any other diet drink?  Its all artificial, just like diet soda... so whats the diff?
I try not to drink pop....they are so addictive. Gatorade or a sports drink is soooo much better!Cool
Aug 24 2007 15:51
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In response to the post about lab rats getting cancer from the artificial studies done in lab rats, more than likely the rats in those studies were given close to their body weight or more in artificial sweetner.

So unless you are consuming your body weight in these sweetners  per day, you cannot equate the two to deduce results. 
the only bad thing with diet sodas are since they have any real sugar in them you're body craves sugar

my choice in diet soda would be A&W cream soda super hard to find but so freaking good

And as far as the lab rat thing ugh god people need to go on wikipedia
In Canada, where saccharin is currently banned except for diabetic use only, the artificial sweetener used in Sweet'N Low is cyclamate. Ironically, cyclamate is banned in the United States. Both bans extend from the same set of experimental results from the 1960s in which a blend of saccharin and cyclamate was linked to bladder cancer in animal test subjects. The results were inconclusive and the US and Canada ended up each banning one of the two products.

which neither one are in coke zero, so you have no worries, i would just watch out for sweet and low, and the only bad thing about
aspartame is too much of it gives some people headaches, i rather just stick with diet coke with splenda, but that's just me, or you might want to try diet rite brand sodas, very good and made with splenda

yeahhhh claudiaba! i like sports drinks over sodas anyday.

however, they have a lot of sugar and carbs.

my favorite drink (besides water of course! :D) is PROPEL. only 25 calories a bottle. and it just tastes sooooo fresh.
Nah- I see nothing wrong with Diet soda as long as you don't drink gallons a day. The amount they give to lab rats to cause a reaction is quite significant in comparison to their body weight, so I wouldn't worry about it. The difference is merely in type of sweetener.
Aug 26 2007 18:38
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lifeguardjen......wikipedia is not a reliable source of info....anyone can post anything right or
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