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Coffee Creamer-Low Cal (or No Cal) Coffee creamer that TASTES creamy and sweet???

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Does anyone know of a low cal or a no cal coffee creamer that tastes good and tastes both creamy and sweet?

I consume the first 3-400 calories of my day (roughly a quarter of my daily intake) from the additive I put in my morning tea which is International Delight Coffee Creamer. I absolutely LOVE this stuff but it's LOADED with calories at 40 cal's a TBSP. Even the "fat free" verion of it is still 30 calories a TBSP and when I'm using 6 to 10 tablespoons every morning I've realized I'm cheating myself out of alot of food using this stuff.

I am not a breakfast person-don't have the time or energy to do it so find me a no cal creamer that tastes good and I'll be a happy person! hee.  Thanks all for taking the time to read! Wish everyone the best of luck on their weight loss journeys. This site has made a world of difference for me!

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Are you measuring what you're putting in your tea?  That's a LOT of creamer, lol!  I find that the sugar free versions of creamer usually have less than half the calories of the regular.  I like my coffee super sweet and creamy, but even in a 20oz cup, I'm only using 2 tbs!  You could try and sugar free version and then also try slowly reducing the amount you're putting in your drinks over time. 

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I love creamer in my tea also.  Fat free creamers are more calories than sugar free. Coffeemate makes a sugarfree French Vanilla creamer 15 cal/tablespoon.  It really is good and very rich and creamy.


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P.S.  I love your picture - too sweet!

15 cal. per T I could do! And yes, I really do measure-I just drink lots of cups! (red face). I actually have started using smaller cups in efforts to curtail my drinking (tea) habits. Like you stephanie, I looove my tea/coffee super creamy and sweet.  Before I came on this site I started each day with a travel (18 oz.) mug and just poured in how much cream I liked. Then one day at the beginning of the eating change I poured in how much I usually did and then measured it. OMG! I was astounded to learn I was easily drinking 160 calories in each cup! I usually drink around 5-8 cups a day.  No wonder I wasn't eating much and still not losing the old way! Now I use a regular sized, 8 oz. mug and 2 T cream per cup.

Off I go to find coffeemate - thank you!

I've gotten in the habit of putting vanilla protein powder and almond breeze in.  It tastes almost like a vanilla latte without the ton of calories.  I like the almond breeze, but on it's own it's just not creamy or thick enough for me.

If I use creamer I like to use Coffeemate Fat free french vanilla

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I am totall with you on that one. I use the same thing in my coffee and I have also used the fat free but as you say it's still alot of calories. I will tell you that sometimes i use the powder creamer and don't use much - but then I use the splenda flavored packets in the coffe.  They have hazelnut and mocha and I believe vamilla.  They really do add flavor so you might give that a try.



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I used to be addicted to flavored creamers - couldn't drink coffee without them  and surely couldn't do without my coffee - 5 or 6 cups a day.  I started cutting the sweetened liquid creamer with skim milk and adding a little sweetener until now I drink coffee with skim milk only. Saves me up to 200 calories a day! (But I'm still fat, so..........Embarassed)

I, too used to be addicted to the flavored creamers (cinnamon hazelnut was my favorite) and for a 12 oz. cup of coffee I would use four of the little buggers that they have at the 7-11 and would add a little more sweetener to that!  When I started doing Weight Watchers I realized that just one of those was a point so I was using 4 of my points just for my coffee Surprised.  If I were doing WW today I only get 20 points a day (plus activity and flex points) so 4 points for something that I am drinking?  Uh uh, no way, I'd rather eat my points.

I use either 1% or 2% milk (and very occasionally 1/2 and 1/2) along with the sugar free syrups that are made for coffee/italian sodas (World Market has an incredible selection) right now I'm into the Almond Roca and I've also enjoyed the chocolate with a little hazelnut added.  The other morning I made myself a super-yummy iced coffee with a dash each of sugar free white chocolate and sugar free raspberry syrups... OMG YUM!!!  It was sooooo good!

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