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Coffee Creamer: My Diet Buster?

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I've been using CC for a couple of months now, and I have seen real progress. I have a tough time cutting calories, for sure. There are some days I go way over, just because I am hungry. One of the calorie issues is cream in my coffee. I use a non-dairy soy creamer with 20/cal per tablespoon. I consume approx. 6 T per morning (and believe me, that's WAY less than I used to, and way less than I want to!). So I'm adding 120 nutrient-less calories per day. I can't seem to find a good solution, skim milk in coffee is horrific (at best), and black coffee...well there is really no way to describe how disgusting I find it. I've just been taking the 120 cal hit per day. I am really physically active, so more exercise would really only be possible if we collectively agreed to make days 26 or more hours instead of 24. Does anyone have any ideas? I wake up in the morning only on the promise of coffee...with delicious Silk Hazelnut or Vanilla creamer!
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Coffeemate makes a fat free liquid creamer that is only 10 calories a tablespoon and is sugar free as well as fat free.

Also, you can try lactose-free powder options if you are lactose intollerant that are about the same as well. There are loads of different options, you just gotta check the nutritional label while in the super market. Sure, it takes time, but once you know and find what you want you won't be standing in the aisle of the store looking dumbfounded.

Time consuming but well worth it.

Thanks for your reply. I've tried the Coffeemate and powdered stuff and was discouraged by the non-food ingredients (hydrogenated oil in some, corn syrup solids in others).

Have you tried an unsweetened almond milk like Almond Breeze?

It's quite creamy, and an entire cups worth is only 40-45 calories. It comes in original, vanilla and chocolate flavours (but the chocolate flavour is quite weak in my opinion)

If I get the choice, it's what I use for my dessert coffees (but I drink plain black most of the time).

I have tried almond breeze in my coffee and dislike it.  So, now I use regular silk soymilk with just a splash of silk vanilla creamer (sometimes I leave this out).  Works well and isn't too bad for you!

I'm in the same boat! I use that International Delight Fat Free French Vanilla, and I used to use a TON of it. I have restricted myself to 1 cup of coffee every morning, w/ 2 tablespoons of creamer in it, still 60 cals that really aren't doing me any good nutrionally, but I truly enjoy a cup of coffee on my porch 1st thing in the morning, and I think that is worth 60 cals out of my day. :o)

I do a combination of 1% milk and a small amount of creamer so that it still tastes like the creamer but is mostly milk. .25 of 1% milk and 1 tblspn of creamer is like 60 calories instead of 120.

I have the same problem with Coffee Mate Hazelnut creamer and in all other aspects I am fairly strict (fruits/veggies, lots of water, no soda and little other processed foods/drinks).  Why not allow yourself the creamer?  You state you are making great progress, you are really active.  I think if you are committed as you sound that you should allow yourself for a small reward - you sound like coffee is part of a routine that you enjoy.

120 cals is not so terribly significant that you are going to be unable to reach your are meeting them and I think that is awesome.

I tried cutting it out, but it's the ONE thing I allow.  I don't do dessert or naughty snacks, so my creamer makes me feel like I am getting away with something in spite of the celery, fish, broccoli, green schtuff :)

Good luck...if you are really wanting to cut down, try maybe thinning out the creamer with Skim milk and after 2 weeks you won't even notice that you have altered it. 

How much volume is 120 cals worth? Silk brand soy milk in Very Vanilla flavor is 110 a cup, but it is so rich and sweet, it's like heavy cream with sugar in it. I use it for fancy coffees when I want a rich creamy drink rather than my usual black coffee, and it has calcium, protien, b-12, b-6, and some healthy fat and fiber. More worth it and less processed than coffeemate if you ask me.

The one I use is a Silk brand, the creamer. I can give the very vanilla a whirl, but I really have found that both milk or soymilk are just too thin. I do use soymilk in my cereal, for about the same calorie amount, and it's just too thin and "beany" tasting. Ahh, maybe this is just one area I have to allow myself.

I drink "vanilla nut" home brew coffee with 2 TB of regular half and half, and a couple packets of Truvia. 40 cal in my morning drink, not overly sweet, and allows me room for that afternoon coffee ;) Yes, it's not going to be as strongly sweet as your regular stuff, but it's got such nice undertones it might be an easier way to wake up in the morning instead of, "HELLOOOO SHUGA!" lol

Why not have the coffe you like with the creamer you want ? as u said u're making progress, and this daily treat could be one of the things that's keeping you going :) so just keep having it as long as u're strict with the other stuff, and enjoy it ! consider it a daily motivator, instead of cutting back on somethin u don't like and feeling frustrated and depressed which could make you binge later on..

Good luck :)

I have the same battle...I love my lattes..I tried the almond breeze..and it is not very satisfying.  I found a fat free type of milk product called "calorie down" in my dairy section.  It is 45 calories a cup.  I measure that out..and use it in my coffee...I am pleased.

update-- I'm trying using half and half. I can't do milk, it's just too gross. I use only 4 T (2 cups of coffee) for about 80 calories a day. I miss the vanilla flavor, but the amount of fat is creamy enough and it's 40 fewer calories on average. The half and half has much more saturated fat, though. Silk creamer has 0 saturated fat. I'm still playing around with it. I can cut butter and oil from everything else, maybe coffee is just one of my "non-negotiables"

A little saturated fat won't be harmful, so I think your half and half is fine.

I am just like you.  I used to put a ton of flavored creamer (liquid, no powder) into my coffees everyday.  I am currently using 1/2 & 1/2 and 2 splenda w/fiber packets. I now limit myself to one coffee a day but I am going to enjoy every drop of it.  As I drop a little more weight I may try switching the splenda to sugar because on this quest I am trying to eat more "real" foods as a life change.  I still drink diet pop too which is a no-no.  When I go to my analysis for the day that coffee always has a red mark, but it keeps me sane so it is going to stay.  The fat free creamers have way too much partially hydronated whatever in them.  As I slowly change my diet to better food I think my body is happier because it knows how to process it.

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