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for the coffee creamer addict

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Try cinnamon and sweet n low instead of creamer. Super delicious. Also try making your coffee a tad weaker if it tastes too strong. Today was the first time I tried this and I love it. I have been consuming about 300 calories a day in coffee creamer so this will definitely help.
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How much cinnamon do you use!? I also am a coffee steamer addict.

I use almond breeze-vanilla or chocolate-a whole cup is 40-80 calories depending on which one you buy.

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I am stuck with instant coffee because nobody else in the house drinks coffee in the morning, so I can't justify making a pot. Will have to look into getting a French press soon though.

To make it more palatable, I use Coffee Mate whitener and french vanilla creamer. This way, I only have to use a bit of liquid creamer (which is good for me, because it's pricey!).

For me, if it's really good brewed coffee, I drink it either black or with just a splash of whole milk. So much better than instant!

i add some coffee matte sugar free peppermint mocha only 15cals a tablespoon, and tastes very good!

but i agree cinnamon is good to use too.

I usually use one tablespoon fat free half and half, and one spoon of flavored creamer. The regular creamer adds flavor and sweetness, and the fat free half and half makes it creamier without adding too many calories.

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