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Are Clif Bars and other enegery bars healthy for you?

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I see plenty of people at my school eating Clif bars as a type of snack. Clif bars are packed with calories and sugars and the people who usually eat them are already super healthy and thin. One of my ex's who is really into hardcore biking eats them all the time, which I understand because he works out so much, but I was thinking could I eat them? I don't work out as much as I need to because I'm always busy with school work, but when it gets nice out I love to bike everywhere.

I'm always afraid of buying them because they're around 320cal. But now I kind if want to. Any advice?

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My opinion on them is that if you are not working out like crazy and can burn them off easily, it is not a good idea to eat them just to eat them....But, they are good as a snack instead of a couple cookies, or something less healthy. I found the kids ones that are 130 calories...and the chocolate chip and honey graham ones are super for satisfying a sweet tooth!

320 calories is a heck of a big snack...  I could make a pretty generous sandwich for that!!   Bottom line is that they are just glorified cookies.   If you check the nutrition information side by side with a packet of chocolate biscuits you'll be amazed how similar they are Smile  But there are no bad foods, only bad diets.  Treat them as a big cookie and enjoy one from time to time if you feel inclined.

I don't think they are really that fantastic for you but I do eat one about once a week. My lifestyle is very busy as sometimes a meal has to come in the form of something I can eat while driving or while in class. 

I'm in love with the cliff mojo bars. The peanut butter pretzel is 200 cals and the mountain mix is 180 (I think). Fyi, most of the bars are vegan and I think the company trys to source organic ingredients. They also treat their employees very well.

I wouldn't make a diet out of it but I'd like to think it beats eating twix bar.

You might want to check and see if Luna bars are available where you were going to pick up the Clif bars-they are made by the same company, but marketed towards women. WAY less calories and fat, I think they're like 160 calories per bar, but I might be wrong.  also very tasty...

Standard Clif bars are around 240/250 calories. I eat them or the UK version which are Trek/Nak'd bars because they're a) tasty b) nutritional grade A on here and c) I'm trying to gain weight in recovery from an eating disorder, and it's difficult to get ALL the calories in eating 100% clean.

They are AWESOME heated up and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream though ;-)

At 320 calories, I would use it as a meal bar instead of a snack bar.  I always keep some sort of meal bar handy for the times that I can't eat my regular food so I am not tempted to get fast food. 

At least you are getting better nutrition and lower fat than if you had a drive-thru meal.

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None are 320 calories.  Mashed_tatties is right at either 240 or 250 calories.  What I tend to do with them is split them in half and enjoy them twice in one day.  I feel better about the sugar content then, and I can enjoy these beautiful tasty little treats!  Great for when I'm performing a lot.

i usually have a luna bar as part of my morning snack.  it holds me over, so i'm not as likely to eat a bigger lunch (read: hey, let's get a cookie with our salad).  plus, as a vegetarian, it helps boost up that protein content a bit.

The regular size clif bars (68 g) are 240 or 250 depending on which ones, and they also have smaller 100 calorie clif bars now too.

I have a raging sweet tooth, and think that either 1/2 clif bar, or sometimes a whole one, at the end of the day vs a snickers bar or something of the like is a much better/healthier alternative.  At 240 calories, 20% daily dietary fiber, 340 mg potassium, and 10 g protein, per bar, I don't think they're bad for you...especially if you're active.

Original Post by gi-jane:

320 calories is a heck of a big snack...  I could make a pretty generous sandwich for that!!   Bottom line is that they are just glorified cookies.  

 xD My snacks are 400+; to each his own.

But yeah, Clif bars are really no better than the "real thing" of what they're supposed to taste like. The chocolate-chip one has about as many calories as three small chocolate chip cookies (about 90 calories each) or two larger ones.

I usually squeeze a Clif Bar into my Tuesday schedule to get all my cals. That's my nonstop headless-chicken-routine day, lol.

They are not "bad" for you, but they are not all that good either. They are not really designed for snacking, or as meal replacement. They are more for indurance athletes. They are small, so easy to carry and have around 240-250 callories. Which is I think how much your body can process an hour without sotring the rest for fugure use. Anywah IMHO real food >> energy bars.

Also as a hypoglycemic, the combined raw sugar (slower burning, they say, than refined) and complex carb/protein content is a convenient desk snack for when blood sugar starts to drop.  

They are lower in fat and higher in protein than cookies.  If you like them, work them into your calorie, protein, carb daily plan.  If not, it is true that half a sandwich is higher in protein and lower in calories.  Somedays I underplan the food I need for my every two to three hour blood sugar control, and that's a big problem.  so having some kind of non-perishable item to keep in my bag or desk saves me!

i eat them every once in a while but when i do i make them a meal not a snack because of the amount of calories in them.


Don't bother with them because you're right: they are packed with calories & sugars! The calories in these bars are not very nutritious and since they have so many, can lead to weight gain for sure if you're not working out enough. If you need snacks to take with you places, think about raw vegetables, hard boiled eggs, sliced turkey or chicken breast... Things like that will fill you up more and hold you over longer than a jacked up protein bar. 

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I don't think i've seen a clif bar with 320 calories.  Even the builders bar has 270, not 320.  The regular clif bars are about 240-250 calories and very low in saturated fat, but yes you are right, they are packed with sugar, about 20 grams.  They're really good for people who work out frequently and need energy.  If you're one who doesnt work out often and can still fit them in your daily intake, then why not?  It's better than having some cookies, a candy bar or anything like that. Laughing

Luna Tea Cakes have only 130 calories (I think!) total and inside the package are 2 cute bars, so 65 calories per bar.  I like them, they have a lot of vitamins and stuff.

I personally love them, but I eat them as a meal not a snack. They have a lot of protein which I have trouble getting enough of because I'm a vegetarian. And I find that a Clif bar for breakfast keeps me pretty full until lunch time. But they are definately too high in cals to be a snack. Wal Mart sells these variety boxes of min-clifs bars though, which might make a good snack. They're about half the size of a regular bar. I ate them like crazy when I was in school last semester because the dining hall never had anything good. I honestly think I'd have starved to death without them, lol.

This is my first post, but I feel it necessary to defend my daily lover - the cliff bar. I've lost 10 lbs in the past month, thanks to going to the gym everyday and walking to and from school (an hour each way). As someone with a ton of classes and readings, I don't have the time to plan out every minute detail of my food plan - a clif bar instead of a meal (not a snack!) works for me.

That being said, I should also note that aside from soy milk, I have no other major sources of sugar in my diet. I'm lucky enough to be born without a sweet tooth, and I'm vegan so I get to avoid the pitfalls of my salt fetish.

Just my two cents!

i think they're good, but as someone said earlier, if i have one it's a meal replacement. they do keep me full for a few hours and they have a lot of protein, fiber and other nutrients.

that being said, whole foods are always better if you have the option.

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