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CLIF Bar vs. Larabar vs. Think Thin

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Which is your favorite? Or why do you avoid these?
Also, any flavors to recommend?
I've only tried CLIF bars and am planning on trying Larabar and Think Thin bars soon.
I love the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch. MMMMM. 

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The Lara bars are a bit sticky for my taste and a bit too sweet.

I love Luna bars (chocolate peppermint) and the Kind bars - Macadamia Apricot.

A handful of nuts is just as healthy, cheaper and still a good snack too. 

I don't care for any of those, but if I had to choose, probably lara since it's nice and chewy...but also the healthiest of the three. The others are mostly just a version of a healthier candybar.


Kind bars are my personal fave :)

I really love any and all bars. I like all three of these. It depends what mood Im in though. Clif bars are REALLY sweet to me, and taste the most "desert-like". I usually have them when I want something like that. For snacks I prefer Laras. I really like how think bars don't taste really sweet.

The ones I recommend...

Clif- Carrot cake, Gingerbread (season though, too bad!), chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, oatmeal raisin (tastes like a cookie!), and peanut toffee buzz.

Lara- Chocolate chip cookie dough, Gingersnap, Chocolate chip brownie, Coconut cream pie, PB&J, and cashew cookie.

Think- Cookies n' Cream, white chocolate and nut, chocolate fudge, and brownie crunch.

Clif Bar I like: carrot cake, chocolate chip peanut crunch, crunchy peanut butter, oatmeal raisin... haven't had but want to try the maple nut and blueberry crisp... 

Luna I like: Key lime, lemon zest, cookies and cream, white chocolate macadamia... 

Think thin I've only had the chocolate fudge kind I don't like them quite as much.




I love me some bars! For the most part though I know they're not always healthy so I view them as a beneficial splurge. I use the Think Thin bars when I feel like a "candy bar" and need a nice big dose of protien, such as after the gym(weight lifting) and I'm not going straight home. I think they have like 20 g of protien. I like Cliff bars when I need both carb/protien and don't have time to eat a real meal, such as on a 6+ hour long bike ride. Same with luna bars. Now Lara Bars are considerably healthier and make a perfect after dinner "dessert". They don't have much protien though but as long as you figure them in your calories they are a pretty guilt free treat.

i love the peanut butter chocolate chip cliff bars... seriously it's like crack!

larabar - try the jocalat... it's the coffee chocolate one!

think thin... my favorite by far is the dark chocolate :)

see any reoccurring themes here? hahaha

Larabars are the healthiest imo, or at least the most natural.  They're made entirely of dried fruits and nuts and are my personal favorite.  I also like clif bars though, especially the carrot cake kind.  I've never tried think thin.

clif bars are okay, but seem too sweet to me sometimes - and thats saying something because i LOOOVE my desserts :p never tried larabars, they seem too small to satisfy. and thinkthin bar i tried brownie crunch and it was terrible tasting. luna bars are good but not very filling to me. my faovirte bars are pure protein (pb marshmallow eclipse, chocolate pb, chewy chocolate chip, smores etc.) and balance bars (cookie dough, chocolate pb, caramel nut blast, smores, etc.) :)

I am a larabar fanatic. My favorites are...

-coconut creme pie

-pb and j

-chocolate chip cookie dough

-pb cookie

-banana bread

Larabars are the best, but I make my own now, with 1 part dates to 2 parts nuts. More protein/fat and less sugar than larabars.

I love bars. But I don't eat them very often; too expensive. Here's a list of my favorites for each brand...

  • Think Thin - Creamy Peanut Butter and Crunchy Peanut Butter. I don't really care for the other flavors very much.
  • Clif Bars - Banana Nut Bread, Blueberry Crisp, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I also love all of the flavors of Clif "Mojo" bars. Definitely try those out!
  • Luna Bars - Haven't met one I didn't like, but my favorites are: Nuts Over Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, Cranberry Nut, Blueberry Bliss, and Oatmeal Raisin.
  • Lara Bars - Banana Bread, Blueberry Muffin, Cashew Cookie, Chocolate Coconut Chew, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Key Lime Pie.
  • Jocalat Bars - Chocolate, Coffee, Mint, and Hazelnut.


I love Lara Bars, Clif Bars and Luna Bars, but Lara Bar is definately my favourite by far. Like the others have stated, Clif is the most sweet-tasting bar of the three. The first time I tried one, I was a little overwhelmed by the sweetness and the density (felt like it was just sitting in the bottom of my stomach, so you may need only half to keep you full and fueled) of the bar, as I was used to the Lara Bar, but the more you try, the more you may enjoy. Luna Bars are a little on the sweet side as their like Clif Bar, but are a lot lighter and easier to digest I found. Lara Bars are 100% all natural, with such a simple list of ingredients and just overall don't have that sticky-taste, which is why Lara Bars win me over compared to any other bar.

I've tried every single Lara Bar excluding the new flavours (choc. chip varieties, blueberry muffin and carrot cake), and have only tried one from the Jocalat line (chocolate orange), which I did not enjoy compared to the regular Lara Bar line. I love all of the Lara Bar flavours, but for some reason disliked the Chocolate Coconut Chew and Cocoa Mole.

In Canada, we unfortunately do not have the pleasure of enjoying a lot of Clif and Luna Bars as flavours are limited but have enjoyed the majority of the Clif Bars I have been able to try as well as the 3 Luna Bars I have tried. Lemon Zest Luna Bar is my ultimate favourite!

Lara Bars - Peanut Butter Cookie (!), Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cashew Cookie, Banana Bread, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie

Clif Bars - Cool Mint Chocolate (tastes like thin mint girl scout cookies!), Maple Nut (I don't even like the taste of maple, so that's saying something!), Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Chocolate Almond Fudge, Carrot Cake (weird texture at first, but once I bought another, I was hooked!)

Luna Bars - Lemon Zest, Nutz Over Chocolate, S'mores

I have never tried any of these bars...I usually find they are higher in fat then what I want to eat.  I eat Nugo bars..the vanilla yogurt is my fave!  Nugo bars are high in protein..super low in fat and high and carbs.... but my body doesnt react badly to actually loves them.  (everyone says this is weird...what can I say!? lol.)  I was lucky enough to find them at a local discount grocery store (Grocery outlet) ...other than that I think you might have to buy them online cuz I have never seen them any where else!  I eat one every day for a snack...its one of my favorite times of day!  :)

Calories 180

Protein 11

carbs 26 (13 are sugar)

Fat 2.5

High in calcium, vite A and Vite C


I find those bars to be a bit high in carbohydrates for my diabetic diet. I go for something with more protein than carbs, such as Muscle Milk Light bars, or Atkins bars. But I try to use them only when I'm on the run and don't have time to eat a real meal. I enjoy real food the best. But they are great after a workout!

Original Post by ambereva:

Larabars are the best, but I make my own now, with 1 part dates to 2 parts nuts. More protein/fat and less sugar than larabars.

Try dates and cashews or dried blueberries, cranberries and sour cherries with macadamias. Both absolutely delicious and natural!

My favorite is Clif Cool Mint Chocolate.  I don't often eat on long bike rides (a problem I'm trying to fix), mostly because I'm not hungry, but also because the bars I can bring with me on rides usually don't taste really good.  Cool Mint Chocolate, though . . . mmmm.  Nothing like it an hour into a ride.

If you like almond joys or caramel delight girl scout cookies, try Luna Bars coconut - mmmmmmm! Coconuty and chewy!

Larabar's are definitely my favorite out of the 3...In my opinion they are the best tasting and least processed with only fruit & nut ingredients, no added sugars or added soy protein ingredients! Although i do occasionally eat Think Thin bars & Clif bars/Luna bars.. i like them, yet i find them a bit too sweet and processed tasting, but nonetheless they are quite delicious! 

favorite flavors!--

Larabars- Cashew cookie. Blueberry muffin. PB&J. Peanut butter cookie. Pecan pie. gingersnap. coconut cream pie. carrot cake. Jocalat coffee. Jocalat mint. ohh & the Pistachio!...but, unfortunately the y stopped making it! :/  

Think Thin-  White chocolate chunk. Chocolate mudslide. Chocolate strawberry. Chunky Peanut butter. the bite size cookies n' cream.

clif bars-  I haven't ate a Clif bar in like 2 years, but, my favorite flavors were definitely:: Carrot cake. Maple nut. Blueberry crisp. & the seasonal Iced Gingerbread and Pumpkin pie!

Luna bars- don't really like the taste of Luna bars that much...but, the new chocolate dipped coconut one is actually really good, and the peppermint chocolate is okay...They used to make a Chai flavored Luna bar a few years back that was so good, don't know why they discontinued that flavor!!? ;P 

My favorites are the Gnu bars since they are loaded with fiber, 12g per bar. I haven't tried all the flavors, but I really enjoy the peanut butter and cinnamon raisin.  Can be hard to find, though. I order mine online.

And if you haven't tried the new coconut Luna bar - to die for!!!  I am seriously avoiding Trader Joe's for awhile as I'm afraid I'll walk out with an entire box.

I used to love Thin Thin bars, the chocolate strawberry flavour was my favourite! But, since Think thin isn't available in Canada I've switched to Luna Bars, and I think I love them even more. The Caramel Nut Brownie flavour is so good!

Careful though, these bars are still pretty high in sugar and sugar alcohols.


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