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Cinnamon to help lose weight, improve memory, etc.

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Hey guys, thought I'd share a little interesting thing about Cinnamon for anyone who's interested. I've read that a bit of cinnamon can help lose weight,lower blood, help improve memory, soothe stomach and prevent ulcers, lower cholesteral, and more. less than 10 calories for a teaspon, add it to a little toast, or put it in your cereal (you don't even taste it but get the benefits) fully/a/cinnamon.htm .htm 90224/cid_29
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i love cinnamon!----- i think i'll keep it right next to the salt and pepper from now on.
I like apples and cinnnamon on my morning cereal. Glad to know I was doing a good thing.
I Love Cinnamon and I take it in Capsules but I also use it in alot of foods especially when I make eggbeater French toast..ALso I add it to BBQ Sauce!
lol glad to see people are using and liking cinnamon :) apples and cinnamon- now that sounds wicked good. Definately have to try that :)... oh my mom used to make french toast and she'd put it in there too :) BBQ sauce? that's interesting, might try that too :D
try mixing cinnamon with some sugar/splenda  and sprinkle it over plaing Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal.
Alwayz... The Cinnamon is good in a spicier BBQ sauce gives it a sweet spicy flavor... It is so good... especially on pork ribs (I know bad!! gotta have them once in a while) Believe it or not when we go camping I make a batch of potatoes cut up in the campfire with Cinnamon and a bunch of other spices hot pepper and garlic and we eat them the next morning with Apple Chicken sausauges... It sounds wierd but it is so good... when people watch me make it they are scared... until they eat it!!
Actually, kittykatz, it sounds really tasty.
I also love the taste of cinnamon! I am so glad that you showed the two different sites....I will read them later! :) Sue
  Alwayz, it does my heart good to hear you post with a chipper ' wicked good'.
  Takes me back to my childhood in Massachusetts.


If I may ask where in Massachusetts are you from?
Cinnamon rocks. I take 2 tortillas a SMALL amount of butter sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and sandwich together like a sandwich and fry (using pam) the kids love these sweet *quesadillas..*sp?..I tend not to eat them as often now as the tortillas has 130 cals for one..
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i have a niece and nephew in massachusetts, and i thought it was funny to hear that too....this website is truly "wicked good!!"  lol
Great advice.  I never knew that about cinnamon.  Well, I am stocking up on the gum.  Thanks for the terrific advice and websites.

Awe thanks, and you're welcome... lol I totally forgot about this thread until Han's post :)

take care
Cinnamon helps you lose weight too?  I knew about the lowering of cholesterol, but hey, the more benefits, the merrier.  I  usually have it in oatmeal.
I like the combination of cinnamon and chili powder in a stir-fry (along with my other herbs and seasonings). It has a nice bite with a sweet chaser.
I hate to call anyone fattypants but that's your name so I can't help it!  So, fp, I doubt that cinnamon gum actually has cinnamon in it - have you checked the ingredients?  I bought cinnamon to keep at work after this post in March & I put it in my cottage cheese & oatmeal - even coffee sometimes!

Cinnamon is awesome. It's also really high in fiber and iron.

Put it on pancakes instead of syrup - you'll miss out on all the added calories and sugar, and you'll have an awesome zing!

I add cinnamon to my all-bran flakes for flavor, since I eat it dry as a snack. I'm also going to try adding it to oatmeal, too.

If you chop up an apple and put cinnamon on and microwave until mushy, it really DOES taste like apple pie! Spoon mushy apple onto a graham cracker for a fake crust, or eat in a bowl plain.

  Hoo boy! I love cinnamon. Use it all the time. Scary to think how much worse my memory and blood pressure would be if this stuff really does what you say! ;-)

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