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Hi. I'm looking for ways to naturally lower my cholesteral. I did search the forum and couldn't find what I was looking for.

In anothe post, Tracy suggested free range chicken eggs, which I actually already buy but I thought (from other sources) that too many eggs were bad.  Then I read what she posted from so I'm reconsidering because I LOVE hard boiled eggs and they fill me up and keep me away from chocolate . . .

Marianne suggested fiber, niacin and a book called "the 8 week cholesterol cure."  I will look into these things, but can anyone explain or offer a good cholesteral web site. Everything I've found has been pretty high-level, and I don't understand why one group says eggs are bad and another contradicts that. I'd like to better understand the science behind it and make good choices for myself instead of following arbitrary and contradictary guidelines.

Anyway, I'm understanding that saturated fat is bad, and I am trying to avoid it, but what foods are good? I have problems with my cholesteral and insulin from polycystic ovary syndrome and subsequent hormonal imbalance. My doctor is contemplating putting me on lipitor if things don't improve. I'm only 32 and I DO NOT want to be put on any medications if I can change my health through improving my behaviors, but I need a little guidance.

What does fiber do to help with cholesteral? What other foods will help lower my cholesteral and what foods will really raise it? The recommedation of 350mg/day is also a little confusing since there are ldl and hdl cholesterals and something can be high in saturated fat but not cholesteral . . . It doesn't seem as simple as just calories in/calories out.  Oh, I'm so confused! :)

Advice is welcome. I don't want to take any prescriptions unless I absolutely have to.

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Hey Amanda, the best thing to do to lower your LDL Cholesterol is two fold: Eat less Saturated or Trans Fats, AND get in plenty of Fiber. Between the two of them, your cholesterol should be lowered to reasonable :)
Hi Amanda,

A good place to start is WebMD's Cholesterol Management Center ( cholesterol.htm). It is a very informative site geared toward the general public and has a lot of great resources regarding the science and biology of cholesterol metabolism.

Note that high cholesterol is not always something we can control with diet and exercise. Both of these things can lower it, but unfortunately some of us are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol and diet and exercise may only take us so far. Also, if you want more resources many physicians will refer you to a dietician for help with managing both PCOS and high cholesterol.

I hope the website helps and good luck!!
Hi Amanda,

Uh oh! You hit one of my hot buttons!

Couple of things about cholesterol. First, your total cholesterol is made up of "good" cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol and triglicerides (fat in the blood).  My total cholesterol is considered high, 248 (ooooo, scary!), but it's high because my "good" cholesterol" is so high and my triglycerides are low. Bottom Line? Even my doctor says my cholesterol is fine.

So, thing one is to look at the ratio of your good cholesterol to the bad, not your total cholesterol.  Good cholesterol can be increased with healthy fats, Omegs 3's found in fish and nuts (I recently started taking Carlson's lemon flavored cod liver oil, not nasty at all and very, very good for you). Supplements also help, Vit B3, niacin, is helpful and other anti-oxidants, (vit A, C, E beta-carotene). Plus a generally healthy diet of course.   Bad cholesterol, btw, has been shown to be related to diets high in saturated fat, not cholesterol, which is why free range eggs are fine (like most things, in moderation).

I highly recommend Patrick Holford's New Optimum Nutrition Bible for general healthy diet reading. Incredibly informative and well documented.  If you want science, you'll love it, he's all about the data, he has no agenda. Also, get the Nutritional Health Handbook for Women by Marilyn Glenville.  She covers natural therapies for PCOS in her book.  If you're having hormonal imbalance problems, her book would be a great resource for you. Also What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause, Balancing your hormones and your life from 30 to 50 by Dr. John Lee.  Also has info on PCOS and generally about how our bodies work and the effects of estrogen dominance (one of the underlying causes of PCOS from what I understand).

And you are right to beware of statins.

Good Luck to you!
just read about garlic in my weekly email health dispatch from Dr. David Williams about boosting our immune systems for fall.  Not only good for boosting the immune system, but he reminded me it's also good for improving your cholesterol.

Amanda, also check out this informative page on on natural ways to improve your cholesterol.
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