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Is Chinese food seriously that bad?!

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Holy cow, I just looked up chinese chicken and broccoli with white rice.. and it is listed at around 1000 calories!!

NOOOO! I love Chinese food, I could eat it every day if I had the chance. GUH :( Is anyone else obsessed with Chinese like I am? What do you do?
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My suggestion to cut cals with chinese food is have little or no rice for one thing, order sauces on the side, or find some recipes to make your own. I used to live with a chinese family and there food was much diff than the food in many restaurants. Tons of fresh veggies and meats. I sometimes make my own fried rice with brown rice, turkey, onions, broccoli and egg with ginger, garlic, crushed red pepper and pam. it turns out really yummy and less than 300 cals! Good luck!
steamed chicken and broccoli sauce on the side....

but i really love hunana chicken :(

Why not have it as a splurge meal once and awhile?

Or make ur own?
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does anyone have an recipes? and instructions? :P 
Yeah, the only reason chinese meals show up as huge calroies are the amoutn of oil restuarnts (esp westernised not traditional ones) put in their sauces. If you just google recipies, you can make some easy subsitutions. Any in particular you want us to clean uP?
Try steamed things, including prawn, rahter than fried pork balls etc/
You know I'm leaving in Hong Kong right now and I soooo understand what you're talking about... I'm getting Chinese or Cantonese food almost everyday and despite all my good will I always end up eating bad things. Everything is made out of rice or noodles. Yesterday, I wanted to do good and ordered some steamed tofu with vegetables. Well, the bottom of the plate was covered by a kind of omelette, obviously with the yolks. And this morning, I went for dim sums and had like a dozen of them with meat and custard and.... well, I gave up a while ago and I'm not trying to loose weight anymore. Just to maintain... but it's so hard!! I just want to enjoy my time here and take advantage of the good food! So I say: eat Chinese as a treat but take advantage of the fact that you can get healthy choices whenever you want :)
My strategy is to make one portion of chinese last for three or four meals. And I do eat the rice; if you get steamed not fried, it's the only part that's not swimming in fat. I eat mostly rice with just a taste - a garnish - of the rest. So eat 1/3 or 1/4, take home the rest, make fresh rice each day, and you can even add fresh veggies to it when you reheat.  
Look for a low fat Asian cookbook in the library.  That way you can have a look at the recipes and see if you like them before buying the book. 

Home cooked Chinese food can be very healthy.  Restaurant food, you don't know what you're getting because you don't know how much oil, how hot the oil (not hot enough and the food absorbs it), and what's been added.  The only safe Chinese restaurant meal that I can think of is a steamer basket of vegetables and either tofu, shrimp or chicken.  You can ask for several sauces in those little dishes to spice things up.  You'll get a huge mound of rice with that, so limit how much of it you eat.  Half a cup is plenty!
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When I eat Chinese food at a restaurant, I like to order a regular dish and a dish of steamed veggies and eat a little of both.  I get a doggie bag for the rest and have great leftovers the next day.

If you want to make your own at home, you can really cut out a lot of oil with a nonstick pan and cooking spray.  There's this really awesome blog called Tigers and Strawberries with recipes and instructions on wok cookery and building a Chinese pantry.  I don't use a wok--my 12" nonstick skillet works fine if I cook in batches. 

I find that I like my version of Kung Pao so much I never order it out anymore.  (!!!)
Yeah I figured I'm just going to have to eat it way less often. I always get chicken and broccoli. I've made my own versions of it at home and it can be really good.. so I'm sure if I do that it'll please my cravings :)

I'm going to take Claire's advice and get a lowfat asian cookbook. That will come in handy :)
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