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Going out to a Chinese Buffet

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I'm about to go out to a Chinese buffet. I usually go out, and unquestinably eat whatever I feel like there. However, I was informed some Chinese food is very bad for you. I need to know what are the good Chinese foods and the bad, so when I go there I can know just what to eat, and what's inside of it. Can anyone tell me what I should avoid in eating out in a Chinese buffet? I'd appreciate it. Thanks :)
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wonton & Eggdrop soup have 100 calories for a bowl from the place i get it from.
Springrolls have about 100 a piece.
Eggrolls are supposidly about 200 but i have a hard time believing that.

Sorry i cant be of more help =/
It's okay, this information helped. Thanks ^_^


This site has some info on Chinese food calories.  I always wondered about Chinese food too.  I think the trick is to not eat too much.  And nothing fried.   Good thing it is a buffet where you can choose how much you want.  Hopefully it is not too expensive.  I always feel like I have to get my money's worth.   I like to bring it home and then mix in a lot of vegetables on my own.    

    Last time I went to a china buffet was a veg one in london,  very nice, very goo and pricey  I ate so much I got very ill.  i then had to explain to my boyfriend why that was the reasons i avoided buffets. and last time i can go to one.  Last weekend we were at a hotel,  buffet breakfest happened again...... I wish i had self control to enjoy it.
    one last thing about china food after looking at that web site.  I spent 3 weeks in China and i lost weight,  so who knows,  i lovew chinese food from China but maybe its alot diffrent there.  I have not eaten it much before or since.  

Bobo, our chinese food here is really not chinese. Its americanized to no end making it one of the most fattening american cuisines. Its all good though, real chinese food is yummy and good for you.

 I just went to a similar buffet and i usually load up on veggies and fish. Try to grab the veggis from the top first so they are not soaking in whatever juice at the bottom. Also, you will most likely feel deprived if you pass up all the fried goodies. What I do is i take ONE piece of general gaus chicken, one crab rangoon and so on...ys even if you took one of everyhting it will add up but not like if you took 4 of everything 3 times in a row, you know?
I also stay away from all lo meins and fried rice, sometimes they have white rice whcih goes really well with the veggies and pieces of bad foods that you may be craving.

Good luck and i hope you had/have fun there!

Rice Noodles are not too bad for you and they are delish! I go for the non breaded white meat chicken and veggies. It also tends to flavor up the rice noodles if they're a little bland there.

i've read that the chicken and broccoli isnt that bad for you, theres just alot of sodium in that dark sauce they saturate it with.....

Chicken and broccoli is not bad for you if it's steamed... but broccoli has florets that soak up all of the fat and sauce that it is sitting in, so be careful.  Also, egg rolls are way more than 200 cals. 

 I like to get steamed chicken and veggies and eat it with brown rice (lots of fiber).  Other good choices are steamed fish or shrimp dishes. 

Sorry for the double reply but I found some info from Hungry Girl that might help you:

Egg Drop, Wonton and Hot&Sour soups are 100 cals per bowl

Fortune cookies are 25 cals each

Low cal dishes include steamed veggie dumplings, steamed shrimp and broccoli, moo goo gai pan, chicken and bean sprouts, mixed veggies

Warning: Egg rolls have 350 cals each, Kung Pao Pork has 700 cals per cup, and egg foo young has over 1000 callories and 80 grams of fat per order


Oh lordy, it sounds way to dangerous.  I say just don't go!!!
Fried Rice is worse than a Big Mac, so don't touch it.  White rice is fairly safe, and just try to order something that isn't breaded.  Chicken Teriyaki skewers are pretty good ( they're frequently on the appetizer menu).
I have to stay away from a Chinese buffet becuase I'll start with a plate of fried sh*t (egg rolls, spring rolls, crab wontons, tons of sweet & sour sauce) and then do a whole other plate of beef and broccoli, chicken with mushrooms, rice... I freakin love 'chinese' food so I just can't do it!

But yeah, anything steamed because most of the stuff is cooked in a ton of oil.  Probably no good on the deep fried stuff, either!  And light on the rice and noodles, they're heavy in calories.
i go to chinese buffets every once in a while and i eat whatever i want... but just a little. i usually go for the healthy stuff cause to the buffet i go to the have a fruit and salad bar.
Buffets in general are a bad idea, I think.  I always feel I have to get my money's worth, so I eat until my tummy hurts. . . and sometimes rest a bit, and eat more -_-;;; . . .  So I try to stay away from them.  I just go to the normal Chinese place, order something tasty from the menu, eat half, and get a doggy bag.

My theory for buffets is to do a dry run first, pick out the items that are high priority for you and then pick up only those. This eliminates the tendency to wander through and picks up 40 different items because 'oh that looks good too.'

No seconds trips, one plate, one cup of soup and done. (Also, grab a smaller dinner plate and note a buffet tray.)

If you get spicy food, have water or plain rice/bread to go with it instead of guzzling the bottomless soda.

Be careful though, because white rice and white bread have a lot more calories than you'd think.


Unless you visit a Chinese Buffet regularly, if I were you I would eat whatever you felt like and not care about it.

I go to a Chinese Buffet 1-2 times a month.  I eat egg rolls, and beef rolls, and crab rangoon, and cherry wine chicken, and fried shrimp, and grilled teriayki chicken, etc, etc, etc. 

Go for it!  Eat healthy 90% of the time and let the other 10% be a special treat.

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