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I'm having chili tonight - beef, tomato, beans, the usual - and I need to know how many calories for about 1 cup. All the profiles for chili recipes have been measured in grams, and I have no idea how many grams are in a cup so can someone help me?

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If you're making it yourself, your best bet is to put it into the New Recipe analyzer.  I estimate how many cups the entire thing will make and use that as the number of servings.  Then, when I dish it up, I do it by the cupful so I konw how many cals I'm getting.  The ladle I use to serve myself is 1/2 cup.

I'm not making it myself, but thanks anyways.  Is there like a rough estimate for a cup?

look on the package.  usually that stuff is on there

It's a hard conversion.... but I would compare it to soups and for soups 250ml is a cup.

I usually guess about 300-400 cals in a cup of chili.. but I make my own and I make it with ground turkey

The one I make (its mostly the McCormick recipe with the envelope of mild chili seasoning but with more beans and I add corn) has 388 calories per serving with 5 servings a batch.  The best way to do it I think is to add up all the individual componants then seperate it out into servings. 

A cup of water weighs 16 oz. 16oz = 448 grams (28g = 1 oz; 16oz = 1lb).

Pick up a bottle of full water (generally most water bottles are at 12.5oz. Which weighs more? Your cup of chili or your bottle of water?

In addition, if you shop at safeway or another major food chain and you bought the chili there you can find the nutritional data for it online at safeway . com if you cannot find it online here. One can of chili contains 2 cups; generally the "Eating right" low sodium chicken chili has about 250 cals.

You can also do like me and add the ingredients in the recipe analyzer and quick add one serving to your food log. That helps me out a lot! :D

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