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does cherry or any kinds of fruits make people fat??

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    today i ate losts of fruits ! cherry cherry cherry! lol of course i ate breakfast and dinner. but still i wonder what if i ate cherry for great amount??:D will it make me fat, or maybe slimmer?? dont think that it'll help me to loose weight but anyway maybe its good ??
so what do you guys think? need your advice!
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It's very healthy & a great snack! 

Losing weight depends on how many calories you eat a day compared to how many calories you burn, not which specific foods you eat.
    haaa... in fear of becoming fat ive been training for 1:30! hope ive burnt it:D
DAMNNIT would people stop freaking out that healthy food will make you fat!!
EVERYTHING MAKES YOU FAT. If you eat too much of it. Thats why you're heere. Counting calories!
Ok, I know I went off a bit at you anna, and I shoudlnt have, butthere's like 1 post a day of a person freaking out that fruit, that great stuff that grows on trees, will make them fat. 3500 calories = 1lb. So you can eat and EXTRA 3500 calories of cherries and only gain a pound. Thats a lot of cherries
Count your cals, do your exercise (like you did :) ) and unless you're sick, you wont have a problem. If you eat unhealthy foods like only chocolate calories, you might still lose weight (but chances are you'llg et sick and your body wont function like normal so you wont lose weight, hence why we try to eat 90% good foods, including breads, grains, fruit, veg, meat, and 10% of treats like chocolate, cake etc, which if you pick reduced fat/sugar, you can eat more of.

I feel you red-herring!

I mean,  I dont get it myself.  Just eat the dammed cherries.  So long as you dont eat tonnes in one sitting, what is to worry about?
I'd like to quote my mother:

"Nobody got fat by eating fruit."

sure they have calories, but fruit is good for you in so many ways. I had a big ol bowl of cherries today too. mmmm. Be careful though, they may make you crampy and sick.
Plus you will just poop it all out later anyway!
Check the calories on this site and if it doesn't go outside your allowed calories for the day, then no you won't get fat. It's a simply mathematical formula. Bottom line, is NO they are good for you and a healthy snack. Just stay within your calorie limits for the day.
I challenge anyone here to overeat fruits. 

You cannot do it.  If you are eating ONLY FRUIT (raw) in a day, it is physically impossible to eat more calories of fruit than you should get in a day.  Unless you cook it and add butter to it, and other silly things like that.

Give it a try sometime.  I guarantee you one thing: a diet of pure raw fruit is definitely a weight loss diet.  And you'd be surprised how rich it ends up being in proteins -- about 10% of calories in fruit are from protein -- the same ratio as in human mother's milk.
Man, I'd spend all the next day in the bathroom if I ate nothing but fruit for a day! :o)

Calories burned must be less than calories consumed.  Period.  Where those calories come from is up to you, but the healthier you eat, the better off you'll be. 

I may have this wrong as far as amounts, but I always think of this info I read somewhere when wanting "snacks":

10 jellybeans or 1 cup of fresh strawberries.  Which do you want?  They have the same calories!  That keeps me focused when I'm pondering what to eat - how can I get the most nutrient bang out of the calories I'm going to eat?  Well, the jellybeans aren't going to do it for me!
Man, I'd spend all the next day in the bathroom if I ate nothing but fruit for a day! :o)

Then maybe you should...

kallie67- I love your fruit/jellybean analogy!

    yeah you are right guys, thanks for great advices! actually somewhere ive read that fruits help us to loose some weight! i mean fruits like pineapple, lemon, orange buirt calories which are in them and calories which suffer us, as well! so maybe thats benefitial somehow!

    i really cant resist fruits! i adore them! and ya know guys i only eat vegetables no snack foot, so thats what i mean maybe eating and training and working it all out is great for me! anyway i should see how much ive lost this week, so here we go.......
well high in sugar =( which may result in fat but ONLY if u go WAYY over board, i wouldn't worry too much about it :]
oh and the worst kind of fruit for u is bananas
:O .... I love banana! I think it is great for post/pre workout snack.
Unless of course you are talking Banana Foster :)

1 banana a day won't kill you I say.
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there is no kind of fruit that is bad for you, even bananas. the only reason people think that is because they're a little bit higher in calories, but really, they're GOOD calories! Bananas help you absorb calcium, they're high in potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber!
    ^^^^ RIGHT!
and bananas have 90 calories, as i know! they wont make people fat unless they eat them too much! so eating one banana per day is great! by the way it gives such a kind of strength that we need indeed!
Bananas are the most filling fruit.  It's the only one I can eat for breakfast, or use it instead of bread w/ cottage cheese or something.

You can't say bananas aren't good for you!  They're just higher in calories than most fruits are.  But lower in calories than most snacks are!
Back when I started this whole diet thing, I only at 1200 calories and this is what my diet looked like:

Breakfast: cookie crisp cereal and milk

Lunch: peanut butter and jelly (on whole wheat)

Snack: Candy bar

Dinner: 500 cals...usually something somewhat healthy, but not a lot of vegetables

I did lose some weight, but I felt like crap.  I remember thinking "omg, I can't fit a banana in!  It's 100 calories, and I'd rather fit in my chocolate!"  I was so stupid.  Now, I eat about 1600 calories a day, have a chocolate granola bar as my daily fix, fit in real chocolate as an occasional special treat, and fill my day with tons of fruits and veggies (including a banana every single morning).  I've never felt or looked better :)
dattaplot54321, that's great!
You've discovered the key! Yes, its all about calories in and out, but if you eat rubbish you feel horrid!! So fruit and veg (with the occasional treat!) and grains and lean meat/meat sub are the best way to go!
Good on you!
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