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The Cheat Meal to End All Cheat Meals!

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Me and my boyfriend decided to order pizza and have a nice night in together on Saturday, we added up what we intended to order and it came to nearly £20, then we realised we had vouchers for 50% off on orders over £40 and thought "hey, why don't we get £40 worth of food and then use the vouchers to get twice the food for the same price?" Well it seemed like a fun idea at the time... we ordered:

- Spicy Crunchy Chicken Wings

- Cheesy Garlic Bread

- Chilli Onion Rings

- Potato Wedges

- Cheesy Nachos

- Cheesy Jalepino Doughballs

- 1 Large Cheesy Bites Vegetable Supreme Pizza

- 1 Carton of Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream

- 1 Carton of Ben&Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream

When it arrived we realised the sheer amount of food that we'd ordered and I felt it was necessary to take a picture of our mammoth feast: Jayde12/102_0153.jpg

Just for fun I decided to calculate how many calories were in this cheat meal from Pizza Hut's nutritional information on their website, between us we ate about 7000 calories! (Some of the pizza was saved for breakfast.) In defence of my greediness I did donate one of the cartons of ice cream to a friend who'd just split up with her boyfriend, and I didn't eat any of the chicken wings, that makes it ok.

What's your best/biggest ever cheat meal?

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Ha ha! That..looks...AWESOME! Now I'm thinking I might have to order pizza for my son's birthday party. It'll looking like I might even need to order cheesey bites pizza. Unfortunately my next cheat meal is still 20 days away. *crunching on celery stick and closing picture now*

Next time you guys decide to have a nice night in, can you call me, so we can all have a nice night in together?

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That totally resembles some former binge meals of mine. I don't do that **** any more, thank looks sinfully yummy though!

I have invented low-cal versions of many decadent favourites, like lasagne, pizza, burgers, etc...but there is one meal that there really are no substitutions for. I have not indulged since I started watching what I eat, and it would likely make me sick if i ate it, but I reserve the right to do so at some point in the future should the mad urge strike!

That "cheat meal" is homemade perogies (preferably potato and cheddar) browned in butter with chopped bacon, sauteed onions, and loads of real sour cream, with a side of baked kolbassa and spicy mustrad. Argh my arteries are hardening just thinking about it, wish they would inform my salivary glands that this is not a good idea lol

oh man i could use some of that ben n jerrys right now...

-drool- I haven't had that variety of food in aagges!

Well, pizza that is. We never get the other stuff.. but now I kinda want to go try some of it sometime. XD

My biggest cheat meal was my dad's homemade potato grandma bread (which packs 500 calories PER SLICE) and ham & beans. I had three slices of that bread. So worth it. >w<

What kind of awesome Pizza Hut do you have that delivers ice cream?!  We do not have that kind of wonderful service where I live :(

That looks SOO GOOD!

Pizza huts around here don't have any of that awesome stuff (thank god) and no place delivers. 

I hope it was really, really tasty :)

Oh yes it was very tasty indeed, worth every calorie :) I'm in the UK so maybe they only deliver here? It's so tempting though, especially when I've been feeling far too lazy to cook and looking longingly at the massive book of vouchers we still have left...

Holy crap! that's food porn!

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