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Cereal Portions

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Reading the nutritional info before eating my cereal, it always seems like the portions are not big - For example, for Nestle Fitness (very similar to Special K), the portion size is 30 grams. For Quaker 100% Granola, Oats, Honey & Raisin, the portion size is half a cup. It really seems very low, I doubt most people eat 30 grams of cereal for breakfast.


I know that liquids and solids are measured differently, so maybe measuring half a cup on a measuring cup is not quite half a cup.


What do you think? 

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 usually it will tell you grams and the amount it cups. and if your using cup measurements go by that but weighing it is more exact but i dont do it. i just use my "fancy" measuring cups that i have grown to love =]  even though they will never be exact but they will be pretty accurate.

andd cerial isnt TO high if you get the right kinds.. Like fiber one . you can have a whole cup of some of that for 160 and its very filling or kashi and all that. the list goes on with cerials.      & nbsp;   even cherios is only 100 calories for a whole cup =]

I believe a cup is a cup is a cup. For me personally, I overate everything for years and so a cup of cereal looks like it's for a child!
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Quaker 100% granola is like 210 calories per half a cup! It's delicious, but I do not eat it more than twice a week!


Yeah, most cereals aren't that high, only the ones with a lot of nuts in them 

I've found using a smaller bowl helps.

One cup of Kashi Go Lean ... 140 calories.

One cup of Fiber One ... 120 calories.

Add 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (20 calories), and I've got the start to a great 300 calorie breakfast.

=^..^= MOLLY

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I try to get cereals that have larger serving sizes, like 1 cup. And I've just gotten used to the smaller portions, because now I realize I used to have 3 cups of cereal for a snack alone.

Granola is ALWAYS going to be high calories because of the sugar and oil. 

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I'm like mollymouser, I have small bowls.  I also have small plates.  Helps with portion control.  Cereal is hardly ever filling enough by itself anyway.  I always have a banana or a pear too.

A portion of cereal s as much as it takes to fill up my huge mixing bowl, and then sop up the leftover cereal when I refill it for round two.

Also, a serving size of Oreos is one row.

And a serving size of ice cream is whatever size the carton it came in. Pint? Then it's a pint. Half-gallon? Then the serving size is a half-gallon. Gallon? Gallon.

The serving size of fruits are one fruit. If that fruit is small, like grapes, it's whatever it grows in, like a bunch. One watermelon = one serving. One serving of berries = however many grows on the bush that are ripe that day.

i  always mix Cereals.

Like today i had ..

 1/2 cup Kashi go lean crunch

1/2 cup Multigrain cheerios.

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries ( that i have weighed out and frozen seperately)

and 130g banana.

 1/2 cup 1% milk ( i dont like skim)

I weigh all my cereals. ( but lol i weight my mayo and PB too)

YES ! I weigh 14g of Cheerios .. they are really light . haha

 I change this all the time. Sometimes i dont have berries, or sometimes i dont have bananas sometimes i have 5g raisins and 5g blanched almonds . depends on what i want =) 




I have a strict '50g' rule for all carbohydrates.  So I don't go buy volume at all but weigh out oatmeal & other breakfast cereals.  I also weigh out dry pasta, rice and other grains.   I can now judge 50g by eye but if you keep the kitchen scales handy, it saves a lot of guessing.
I look at the number of servings in the box and think "Could I really get 9 bowls of cereal out of this?" and the answer is either yes or no. So from there I can estimate how much I eat.
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it's EXACTLY as it says it is.  a portion of cereal is noted on the box.  go by that.   Some cereals are more dense and more calories.  Special K is like eating sugar.  the more FIBER you have in a cereal, the better and it will fill you up and just don't let anyone or yourself fool you.  The cereal portion is what it is.  if you want more than 3/4 cup, then you are eating 2 portions.  I've been doing this for my whole life, I'm 57 years old.  believe me!!
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Thanks everyone for your advice! - I'll consider it when I have my cereal tonight.
I found Chocolate Honeycombs that you are allowed like a cup and a quarter or a cup in 3/4 something, but they are really yummy and like 120 calories
They do vary a lot... but I find that one cup of cereal and one cup of milk is plenty. I don't eat granola - it's got too much fat and sugar... I scoop the cereal out of the box with a measuring cup, and just eyeball the milk.

My favourite cereal (Nestle) Cheerios and it tells you on the box that it is 171 Calories for a 30g portion served with 125ml Semi Skimmed Milk - yes I do measure my milk too! I find it fills me enough until mid morning when I have a banana and then this sees me through until lunch time.

Also during this time I usually have a cup of coffee at some point and since i've been doing this i've found that there was absolutely no need for the double portion of cereal i'd been having for many years!

A lot of cereals will have a seperate section telling you the nutritional info for a portion AND the milk. Most people seem to forget the calorie content in the milk they add

Cereal servings are definitely small. UndecidedI had cereal for the first time in a while this morning and I decided to go with 2 cups of organic raisin bran, which was the perfect amount for the 1 cup serving size of rice milk.
Original Post by aledmar:

Quaker 100% granola is like 210 calories per half a cup! It's delicious, but I do not eat it more than twice a week!


Yeah, most cereals aren't that high, only the ones with a lot of nuts in them

 Yep, but that 210 calories is much better than 210 calories of cocoa puffs or something. At least you get some nutritional value!

When I need to have cereal, I grab my son's Kix.  I was surprised, only 110 calories.  Not a lot of fiber 3g compared to some others out there, but the protien and carbs are the same as Special K, you just get more cereal.  Plus it's sweet!

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I am so lost when it comes to cereal portions too.

I think cereals should come with 'plastic serving scoops'.

But I guess it wouldn't be in their interest, as sooo many of us tend to overeat on cereal.
i eat Nestle Fitness every morning for breakfast and i measure 50grams (180kcal) and then add 200ml low fat milk. 30grams is just to little for me!
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