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Cereal to Milk Ratio

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What do you think is the perfect cereal to milk ratio?
just wondering...
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I like mine pretty (soy) milky, the 1/2 cup recommended is not enough for me!
1 cup of cereal to 1/2 cup milk.
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I like to dig to get to my milk, so I guess if I were having the recommended 1 cup cereal with 1/2 cup milk it'd be all good, but 1 cup of cereal is really never enough for me! Ususally I eat about 1.5 cups of cereal with 3/4 cup of milk (guestimate!)
I like a LOT of milk in mine.  1/2 cereal to  1 1/2 millk.  I like to be able to litterally drown my cereal  ;)
I use Silk Soy milk in my cereal (usually Fiber One) and I use 4 oz.
I used to use a LOT of milk, but when I started watching calories I cut back and I found I like it better since the cereal still stays crunchy and it adds just enough moisture.

Definitely a personal thing :)

when i eat cereal i'm more interested in the crunch so i don't care about a lot of milk, but i typically eat it with a ratio of 1/2 cup soy milk to 1cup cereal

i personaly dont care. lol however much i pour :D
I never used to measure, just pour to whatever looked good, but I am now more aware.  I use 1 cup cereal to 1/2 cup milk + fruit :o)
you know what? that's a really good question. i tend to just pour enough so that there's leftover milk for me to drink when i'm done eating the cereal.
1 cup cereal to 1 cup milk
I actually eat cereal dry, but I drink a glass of milk with it.

3/4 cup cereal and 3/4 cup milk. :3
It depends on the cereal.

For example: grapenuts 1 cup cereal & 1/2 cup milk, but special K 1 cup each ;p
no more than 1/2 cup is perfect
I also think it depends on the cereal.  Wheaties has to be completely covered, then i dump the leftover milk so I have no clue how much I "actually" consume.  Golden grahams I put about a cup of milk in a bowl and add a small handful at a time to milk until milk is gone (also not good since no way to measure how much cereal I eat).  Needless to say, when trying to lose I just eat oatmeal!
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