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How Much Cereal?

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For those of you who eat cereal for breakfast... How much do you honestly pour into the bowl?

I always eat cereal (lately Cheerios) with skim milk and an apple in the mornings. :) I have average-sized bowls and usually fill it almost to the top which comes out to be 1.5- 2 cups of cereal. I was just wondering what everbody else does? Do you stick to the serving size or just estimate what you feel hungry for? I know it's probably a stupid question....haha Thanks!
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I eat a cup of Kashi GoLean most days, 140 calories plus 6 ounces of soymilk (about 100 cals).  Cheerios aren't as filling as the GoLean so I can see eating a little more but 2 cups seems a little excessive.  :)
I measure out one cup of my Special K, and use 1/2 cup of 2% milk.  I can't bring myself to 1% or skim, I grew up on 2%.  It is about a 170 calorie breakfast.
I like to know how much is going in my body for everything, I measure it all. I have 2 cups of puffs in the morning. If I want other cereal, I will only have one cup of that and one cup of puffs for a filler.  I also measure my milk and add water to my milk(soy so its thicker).  You would be surprised how much is actually in a bowlful.  A serving never looks as great as it does on the box...unless they are using itsy bitsy sized serving bowls!  Mmmm cereal...loves it! 
I use measuring cup. And I only eat 3/4 cup of Quaker's Life cinnamon crunch or Special K red berries. with Neilson TruCalcium Skim milk.
thats a good question kylee especially for cereal addicts like myself!

i have bran flakes in the morning with skim milk. and instead of the usual 35g serving (suggested on the box) i have more than that. the bowl is pretty big and i basically fill it up! and then i just add about 70 calories on top. I don't measure anymore, used to at first but now that i have an idea i just go with my mood and then add some calories to the total.
i just do eye measurements. i have a smallish medium bowl so i dont feel like im overindulging by pouring what i want instead of relying on cups...i dont have any measurement cups anyway. plus its morning, im eating to keep me full till noon.
i eat kashi go lean crunch most mornings. it's high in calories, but also in protein and fiber, so it's great. i measured it a few times, and now i know what a cup looks like in the bowl so i just eyeball it (i eat at work, and i have a feeling i'd get some stares measuring out my cereal) i don't think most people realize just how much they are eating when they fill up that cereal bowl!
i measure out half a cup of all bran and half a cup of milk. it actually is a lot when you pour it all out/eat it.
This might sound silly but I buy at the store those Hefty brand foam disposible bowls because they are smaller and not much more then a cup of cereal will fit in them.  It tricks me into thinking im getting a huge bowl and theres the added perk that i just throw them away and dont have to do dishes because i live on cereal! Hope this helps
I eat cheerios sometimes, usually a cup and a half because the one cup serving looks so sad and unappetizing in my bowl.
Man...It is such a delima with the dang cereals! I wasn't so sure about the amount of cereal to eat...but from the responses I think that my amount is pretty reasonable. 1 cup of Cheerios has 100 calories.  So I think having a little more would be okay.

I calculated that the 2 cups of Cheerios, plus 1 cup of skim milk would be 280 calories. Plus one medium apple...which rounds out my morning meal to be around 360 calories. That seems to be a good amount for breakfast right? Thanks for all the feedback!
I eat 1.5 cup cheerios (150 calories) plus 1/2 cup skim milk (40) so it totals to about 190 for breakfast.
28 grams of honey nut cherrios :D dry so they last longer :D
i eat two cereals: either one cup of kashi Go Lean (which in Canada costs 200 calories a cup), or i have all bran buds.

most days it's all bran buds - and i have two servings of 1/3 a cup, so 2/3 a cup. that's about 170 calories, plus another 80 for skim milk. because it is so high in fibre it is filling. i don't recommend eating this much fibre right away - i'm a vegetarian so i naturally eat more fibre. but 2/3 a cup provides basically your whole amount of fibre in the first meal of the day!!

i'll eat any kind of cereal tho - i am a cereal addict...
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