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Cauliflower is the new broccoli

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You know, I don't even like broccoli that much and I have been pretending for years that I do. Sometimes it is good but 80% of the time it just tastes too much like dirt to me.

So now, after all the years of totally ignoring cauliflower, it's my new favorite thing. For the past 2-3 months it's a staple in my veggie diet. I have difficulty finding it in my crappy frozen foods section lately so don't get to eat it more than once every two weeks but when I do, it's such a treat, so sweet and tasty. It leaves me hungry though so I wonder about it's glycemic index ....

Tell me though, is broccoli significantly better for you then cauliflower nutritionally or are they fairly equivalent? I imagine being that cauliflower is white it probably doesn't have too many good vitamins and other goodies like iron does it? Tell me!!

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I do know that cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable, just like broccoli and cabbage, so it offers stuff like antioxidants that protect against cancer.  Look it up on CC, it should tell you what vitamins it has.  Regardless, even though it's white, it's very healthy!

Heh, touche, I should have looked it up. So here goes:

Here is what is listed for a 1/2 cup of broccoli, 27 calories:

  • Vitamin A 31%
  • Vitamin C 84%
  • Calcium 3%
  • Iron 3%

And here are the detes for a 1/2 cup of cauliflower, 14 calories:

  • Vitamin A 0%
  • Vitamin C 46%
  • Calcium 1%
  • Iron 1%

So clearly broccoli is much better for you nutritionally ... I guess I will just eat more cauliflower to make up for it, LOL!


I thought you writing about that green looking cauliflower thats a cross between them. 

I tend to use both as a staple low cal veg.  I normally have one or both cooked from a frozen state in the fridge to warm up and use for pouring TV dinners over, the ones with meats and vegs chopped all in a sauce.  Super easy way to extend a dinner which normally have extra sauce for the contents anyway.

While I enjoy both, raw I cant do brocolli.  It somehow drys my mouth or feels dry - hard to explain.
Vitamins only tell part of the story. Cauliflower is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients so it's wonderful thing to eat in your diet, and a good swap for broccoli if you just don't like it.

Read this and you'll feel a lot better - spice&dbid=13

There's so much we're learning about antixodants these days, I've personally reached a conclusion that if it's a veg, even if it's not dark green or orange,  it very likely contains something in it that is good for you, perhaps we just haven't discovered what that is yet. That includes celery and yes - even iceberg lettuce!

Variety is the key!
And brocolli steps back up to reclaim its title.

Yesterday it was reportd LINK, that broccoli not only helps prevent cancer, but may protect against heart disease.  Your mom called an said to eat your brocolli everybody!
have you ever made "mock" mash potatoes with coliflower? they are seriously amazing you must try it!

oh I love both. May I ask why do you buy frozen and not fresh?

Cauliflower is low in fat, high in dietary fiber, folate, water and vitamin C, possessing a very high nutritional density. As a member of the brassica family, cauliflower shares with broccoli and cabbage several phytochemicals which are beneficial to human health, including sulforaphane, an anti-cancer compound released when cauliflower is chopped or chewed. In addition, the compound indole-3-carbinol, which appears to work as an anti-estrogen, appears to slow or prevent the growth of tumors of the breast and prostate. Cauliflower also contains other glucosinolates besides sulfurophane, substances which may improve the liver's ability to detoxify carcinogenic substances. A high intake of cauliflower has been found to reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

It is high in vitamin C and soluble fiber and contains the multiple nutrients with potent anti-cancer properties including diindolylmethane and selenium. The 3,3'-Diindolylmethane found in broccoli is a potent modulator of the innate immune response system with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer activity. Broccoli also contains the compound glucoraphanin, which can be processed into an anticancer compound sulforaphane, though the benefits of broccoli is reduced if the vegetable is boiled. A high intake of broccoli has been found to reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Broccoli leaf is also edible and contains far more betacarotene than the florets.

I seriously love me some steamed broccoli.

But, yeah, I don't really like it raw...

I like cauliflower alright too, but it's on my list of foods to avoid if you have low thyroid, so I never eat too much of it.


We put cauliflower and zucchini in our spaghetti instead of meat when we want something to bulk it up. :D

We save the broccoli and squash for lasagna, though. 
I buy the frozen stuff because it's already cut up, it's cheaper, and I don't have to worry about it spoiling if I get too busy to cook. Oh, and I don't have to worry if I got it ripe enough.  BTW, if you like broccoli, never, ever buy the stuff from costco, it's a crime against vegetables imo, it's always the older broccoli so it's a bit bitter...ick!
I am obsessed with cauliflower. I'm glad that you actually mentioned this because it has more vitamins and other good stuff than I even thought it did. I have been trying to cut back because it replaces a lot of other vegetables I like to eat sometimes, but forget that! Mashed cauliflower sounds delicious... I am so making some for dinner tonight.
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