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Carrabba's. Oh No!!!!

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OK so I know I have issues with food, but bare with me. I only eat out at places like Subway - or where I know the calorie content.

My in-laws want to go to Carrabbas for Christmas eve, and I'm really getting anxious and worried about what Im going to eat. I cant find anything with their calorie totals... I also am tired of them always complaining that I dont eat enough, and commenting and snickering every time i order a side salad and soup.

Any suggestions????????? If I could I would just not go at all.

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You can't go wrong if you keep it simple.  Restaurants rack up "hidden" calories in sauces, marinades, dressings, etc.  Stay away from stuff like that and stick with a lean grilled meat like fish or chicken.  A 3-oz portion is about the size of a deck of cards.  Restaurants usually give you about 4-6 oz.  Ask for them not to add any extra oil when grilling.  If you don't want to do that, I always estimate about a tablespoon of added oil.  They may add more than that, but most of it just ends up as grease on your plate, and not in your body.  Skip the bread and olive oil that they bring before the meal (though God, it's SO good at Carrabba's.)  If they offer you pasta as a side, see if they'll switch it out for some fresh steamed veggies.  Most places will do that.  If not, get the pasta with marinara sauce and not the fettucini alfredo.  Believe me, I have issues eating out at restaurants too, but I have had to adopt "defensive eating out" strategies so that I CAN have a social life and participate in events just like these.  It's not worth it sacrificing time with people you love just to feel "safe" about calories.  Trust me, it's something I have struggled with a lot, so you're not alone.  But you CAN do this, just stick with items that YOU know the calorie counts for in your head--lean meats without much added oil, vegetables, etc.  Also, it goes without saying that you should drink lots of water and not add on calories with things like soda or wine.  Good luck, I know you can handle this!


One Holiday dinner out is not going to be the end!  Watch what you eat the rest of the day.  Order one of the grilled chicken or fish dinner, tomato based sauce instead of cream.  Eat a little bit of everything and take home a doggie bag.  Even if you go over your calories for one dinner you will be OK!  Enjoy the meal, take a walk or go to the gym. 

One of the things that you have to learn, besides what you body requires, is to enjoy food and not fear it!

Merry Christmas!


I TOTALLY second what ms4423 said--!!
  One dinner won't make much of a difference darlin'----just do your best to order in a healthy way and from there, don't dwell on the CALORIES and number crunching. Enjoy the T-I-M-E with your family!  ratinhat88 is SOoooo right when she said it's NOT WORTH SACRIFICING TIME with the people you love just to feel "SAFE" about calories.
  I have been living over 1000 miles from home recently and my parents just came down for a 2 day visit. I had to bite the bullet EVERY MEAL cause we went out to eat the WHOLE TIME they were here. BUT----I DID IT! I ordered sensibly--and ENJOYED my SHORT time allotted with my family! :)
     Just go and enjoy your FAMILY! :) hope it all goes well hun!

thanks everyone for the input. I guess I will try to order some grilled chicken. Its hard to get away from my safe foods ya know???  Honestly I think ill end up ordering a side salad :-( maybe caesar.

Just enjoy it... it's one meal!!!!
I love Carabbas salmon, with some kind of mild sauce.
Thanks for all the post. I guess I will look for some kind of grilled chicken. Red sauce sounds scary?? that cant be to healthy?? Im seriously dreading this. My jazzercise classes are canceled mon and tues so thats kind of making me anxious too i guess. Gosh y cant people just get together to see eachother and not to eat ya know??


I wanted to check back cause I know you are stressing.  You will probably end up with higher fat on a Ceaser Salad, than grilled chicken witha marinara sauce and some pasta!  Look at thier menu online, even though they are not in calorie count, you can plug in the dishes and get an idea of where you will be at.  Again, don't finish the meal that you order!  That alone can save you huge.  I try and leave something every time I go out to eat, even Subway!

Merry Christmas!

Hi, Samantha.  Good luck to you.  When I feel stressed about something (food or otherwise), I ask myself...what is the worst that can happen?  That forces me to look at the situation and not my anxiety about the situation.

So, what is the worst that can happen if you eat at Carraba's?  (What is the real fear?)

I'm asking, not to be sarcastic or condescending.  I truly can tell that this is stressful for you.  I'm asking sincerely .... what, specifically, are you afraid will happen... and what, specifically, is making you so anxious?

Sometimes naming the fear/anxiety makes it more manageable.  It puts you back in control a bit.

P.S.  It can also help to ask yourself how likely the "scary/bad" thing is to happen... or what you can do to make sure it doesn't.  You are going to do fine.  I know you are!

Thanks for all the replys. My in-laws just called and said they may want to go to mimis cafe tonight instead....... much better!! I looked at their menu online with calories and there are some healthy choices.

I'm scared of eating those kinds of foods bc I guess they arnt my safe foods. I usually eat the same stuff almost every day. So im scared if i eat something out of the norm it will show on the scale the nexy day.

Point in case - yesterday I had about 200 cals left for the day and my aunt and uncle bought us this HUGE gift bag filled with cookies and sweets from Napa Valley,  So of course they wanted me to try some and I did. about 4 little sugar cookies.

And then this morning I was 1 pound heavier. I ran 1 mile before eating the cooies then  I did about an hour of crunches-push ups- core exercises after.


As an ED sufferer, the thought of going to a restaurant of which I can't find the calorie contents of their food fills me with terror. I hate looking odd by choosing the tiny salads and things but that's all I dare eat.

well we went to carrabbas - I ordered this plain grilled chicken breast - i told them skimp the oil and herbs, with broccoli and asparagus. Well when it came out there was like 6oz of chicken - I ate about 1 & 1/2oz- and then I had maybe 1/2 a cup of the broccoli - the rest i put in a box and my husband ate it later.

Today I was thinking if I just wanted to eat a side salad and thats it, then thats my perogative. I hate listening to people b*tch about what I eat. I shouldnt have to.

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