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how many carbs are too many, if you're one a low carb diet?

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hey guys, I'm on a hypoglycemic diet and I was wondering if you're on a low carb diet what is the daily amount that you should be eating? and what are 'net' carbs?
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Net carbs is the total carboyhdrate minus the grams of fiber.  

Daily amount for a low carb diet varies from diet plan to diet plan.  I've seen amounts as low as 30 grams per day. 
Well, during the induction phase of the atkins diet people are meant to have less than 20 grams, but that's really extreme...
Protein power is a low carb diet and they advise between 30 - 50 grams of net carbs. I've seen somewhere (Low Carb Pavillion) that a low carb diet is generally synonymous with a 10% carb intake and 60-70% fat. That way you can tailor the carbs to suit  your own calorie intake. Just a note of caution, you probably doing this already, but ensure that you fats are coming from healthy sources. I eat generally low carb. Not specifically because I'm on low-carb I just dont really enjoy a lot of carbs so I end having a lot of fat in my diet. But its all good...less than 15g saturated is a good aim to go for.  
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