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To much carbs..not enough protein?

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I have been trying for soo long to lose weight. When I log my food(I do it religiously) I am always Way over on carbs and not even close on protein. I am do frustrated. I try not to eat bread or pasta, i have cut way back on soda. I am not sure where all these carbs are coming from! I do P90X almost daily, so is the high carbs ok then? Im lost on all the nutritional aspects of weight loss. Please help.
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Do you look at your Analysis page? That would be the easiest way to see where all the carbs are coming from.

What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

Edit: eating too many carbs and not enough protein won't necessarily hinder weight loss if you're eating at a deficit.

what do you normally eat? we can't help unless we know what needs to be changed :)

Breakfast: Strawberries and creme oatmeal. Lunch: Subway 6' Black forest ham with all the veggies and a diet coke. Dinner: Homemade chilli and crackers. thats about an average day for me. oh and maybe a 16oz Mt.dew here and there.

You don't eat very much :o 

For breakfast maybe a smaller serving of oatmeal but add protein powder/greek yogurt/ egg whites/ cottage cheese. 

or you could try a greek yogurt parfait with a sprinkle of oats or granola or top. 

scrambled eggs are also a great source of protein, you can scramble them with veggies and serve with toast or make them into an omelette and have some bacon on the side. 


For dinner do you put meat in the chilli? You could try builking it up with extra black beans for more protein and fibre and cut out the crackers. 

Your diet doesn't look like it should be particularly high in carbs, i'm quite confused!

Your carbs are coming from the oatmeal, the sandwich (probably 50g of carbs), the chili (beans) and crackers. It still doesn't seem like you should be going over your carb limit.

Where are all the veggies? A smattering of them on a sandwich isn't enough. Veggies are low calorie, low carb and have a great deal of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

I also use My fitness pal. It says that 75% of what im eating is carbs and only 6% protein. It says it should be 60% and 15%. Maybe if I just stick to just this site and forget the other one. they are always different. that site only wants me at 1250 calories a day. this site says 2050. Thats a big difference. I will def be doing some of your suggestions. Thank you for those.

Kim - You should be eating a lot more than 1250 calories while doing P90X. I usually eat around 1800-1900 while doing it. Did you fill out your nutrition guide that came with it to see what you should be eating? It is very helpful. Also, you should have been assigned a coach when you signed up. If you didn't let me know as I would be more than happy to help you. Are you part of a challenge group too? It really helps while doing Beachbody programs!

Let me know if you need some help!

Original Post by Kimlovescody:

Breakfast: Strawberries and creme oatmeal. Lunch: Subway 6' Black forest ham with all the veggies and a diet coke. Dinner: Homemade chilli and crackers. thats about an average day for me. oh and maybe a 16oz Mt.dew here and there.


All that is is carbs!!

I would up the clas, lose the sugar, get more protein and fat, less processed foods. maybe eggs for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, meat/starch/vegetable dinner.

Instead of focusing on what you're eating, have you thought about periodic fasting? I bought the ebook Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon and everything i ever learned about dieting changed. It made so much sense! I was able to lose 43 lbs in six months, which is even more impressive since i turned 60 this year and my metabolism slowed greatly after I turned 50. I lost a steady 1 1/2-2 lbs a week, 5-6 lbs a month plateaus! The plateaus were what got me in the past and i would gain the weight back after about a 15 lb loss before I reached my goal. It has allowed me to keep my portions smaller, helping with maintenance, and my appetite isnt as voracious. You need to read the book and the research behind it, but the gist of it is to choose two days a week (not together) and simply NOT eat two consequutive meals, making sure to drink during that time. Thats it! Give up four meals a weeks! I enjoy breakfast so I eat my usual breakfast, go to work and not eat lunch or dinner. The next day I resume my usual diet. The author eats breakfast and lunch and doesnt eat until the next lunchtime. When i get home i drink a big mug of some herbal tea (decaf) to fill my stomach. The next day I'm 1-3 lbs lighter! Really! This is how our early ancestors lived since they didnt always have ready acess to food. They would feast after killing the animal, then go hungry until the next kill. He sites much research on metabolism and the myths behind fasting lowering metabolic rate: it doesnt! Like i said, it's simple but in the beginning i had to ease into it. By 3-4 pm I felt i had to have something so i'd eat a protein bar or a handful of fresh veggies just to put something on my stomach but within a few weeks i didnt need anything but the tea. I basically trained my mind to quit focusing on food, and i stopped feeling hungry. It's seems radical but when you look at the research you realize we've been given the wrong advise on dieting all this time! Its not about what to eat to lose weight, its what you dont eat!

If someone is doing P90X, it's not a good idea to fast. The body needs to refuel after an intense workout like that.

The author sites numerous studies that have shown that "the percieved need to eat before a workout or strenuous activity is more a psychological need than it is a physical need". One study had the subjects fast for 3 days (wow!) and found that it had no "negative effects on how strongly muscles can contract, on ability to do short-term high intensity exercises, and on ability to exercise at moderate intensity for long duration". Another option is to not fast on the days of the strenuos exercise but other studies found that there was a greater fat-burn during fasting days so if a goal is weight loss, that should be a consideration too.
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Do you know what foods have carbohydrates? Vegetables potatoes rice breads and fruit all have carbohydrates. The biggest way to watch carbohydrates is to watch your portion size. For instance one cup of homemade chili could have anywhere from 13 to 20 grams of carbohydrate. You keep the calories down by making it yourself. If you had one cup of chili from Wendy's it has 19 carbs. One good size bowl could have 38 carbs. Most fruit one serving have 15 carbs. I'm diabetic so I watch my carbs. I hope I helped.
I eat healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks and track the foods on the myfitnesspal app! Once dinner comes around i use the pie chart on the app to see where I'm at for my daily goal. Through the pie chart I'm able to see what I can modify for dinner to meet my daily needs for carbs protein and fats! Very helpful :-)
Original Post by Kimlovescody:

Breakfast: Strawberries and creme oatmeal. Lunch: Subway 6' Black forest ham with all the veggies and a diet coke. Dinner: Homemade chilli and crackers. thats about an average day for me. oh and maybe a 16oz Mt.dew here and there.

Change the oatmeal to or add greek yogurt to breakfast, eat your "sandwich" on flatbread; use eggs or cheese for a snack.

sienna, myfitnesspal has a pie chart? Where? I use the site and haven't run across it yet.

A friend who grew up in Brooklyn told me about "egg cream," a New York soda involving milk, vanilla or chocolate flavoring, and club soda.  I use vanilla or chocolate whey (or better, casein) powder and plain seltzer for a high-protein snack.  Or I make a protein shake with whey or casein powder, brewer's yeast and unsweetened cranberry juice, for instance.

Another thing is to have a high-protein breakfast and go easy on the starch at dinner.  My trainer says starch causes water retention and if you weigh yourself first thing in the morning a high-starch dinner shows.

Since I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic I try to keep a carb/protein ratio of 3:2.  Of course the analysis on this site always says I'm not getting enuf carbs!


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I'm also doing P90X, and I happen to be on a ketogenic diet, which is low carb, high protein/fat, so, even though I'm not recommending this diet for you (it can be intense if you're not used to being low carb), I might be able to help you just from experience of low carbs.

I think you should take out some of the many carb things you seem to be eating/drinking. For instance, carbonated soft drinks like Mt. Dew and Diet Coke are not only unnecessary calories, but also unnecessary carbs (as they are sugary, therefore they contain carbs). You really shouldn't be drinking these while on a diet, they're not good for you. Cut on them altogether; it's not that hard. Focus on Water!. Some energy drinks could be okay too, especially before a workout, if you feel particularly tired. 

Then, you should probably add more vegetables to your meals, like your dinners. Vegetables like Broccoli, Asparagus, etc, ARE a source of carbs, but they are dietary fibers. That means they work in helping you with weight loss.

As far as adding more protein, eggs are a great option as has been mentioned here. Nuts and seeds are also a good option, although beware as some of them are also high in fat. Beans also have a good protein content, although they have carbs too (partly dietary fiber as well). Milk and other dairy (cheeses for instance). Just use these as scan options throughout the day, for instance some nuts every now and then, a boiled egg, etc.

You should probably be eating more than what you are anyway. You want a calorie deficit, but you don't want your body to enter starvation either, as that will work against your goals.

Good luck!

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I have lost a total of 54 lbs with 2 to go to reach my goal of 132. I would change your meals as follows: add a protein to your breakfast. 5 oz of lean meat or egg whites. Make sure your oatmeal is not the over-processed individual packets. Change your Subway sandwich to salad style (no bread). Switch your soda to water or iced tea. Add a fruit. Apples are easy to carry in your purse. Re-evaluate your chili. I agree with other posters that it's easy to go over portion here. Lose the crackers and add a veggie. You have room to add additional small meals of 5 oz of protein, veggies, a fat like nuts or avocado. Keep fruit consumption before noon except for berries. Good luck! You can do this! Also track your measurements. You will lose inches with p90x. I did!
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Go grab The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper. I lost 35 lbs in 4 months and the biggest help was "no carbs after lunch" rule. Eat all of your breads and pastas (and other simple carbs)at or before lunch, this gives your body the rest of the day to burn them off before bed. Eat your lean protein and green veggies (as many as you like) for dinner.
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