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What candy will you be stealing from your kids bags tonight?

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If you could indulge in any candy today (calorie free Laughing) what would you completely pig out on?

For me, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! My poor daughter used to have to hide them from me!  I'd eat every one she got!

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Kit Kat!! The most awesome candy bar ever created. I plan on turning off my porch lights so no trick or treaters come to the door since I can't be trusted around the candy dish!

i consider myself to still be a kid,  but if i were to steal other kids' candy, i would definitely go for twix, kit kat, and any form of dark chocolate :)

OMG  All the Herseys dark's I could get and almond joy bars and butterfingers and oh, What's that in the shiny wrapper???....

Unfortunately we just moved to a neighborhood that looks like the kind of place they bus kids in to trick or treat... I have 4 GIANT bags of assorted candy propped by the door waiting.....Please, Please Please be a lot of trick-or-treaters!!!! I'm afraid of what might happen if we have a bunch left over!!! Of course I didnt buy my favorites....

It seems like I'm the only person here that's not a fan of those mini chocolate delights.

I'm all about the non-chocolate candies. Dots for the win!


Although I don't have any kids, but I guess if I really wanted them I could go trick or it is I'm constantly asked how my junior high class is going. LOL I guess I look young at 28, and I'm sure the care bear sweatshirt and shoelaces just made me look younger...LOL

okay so has anyone tried Take 5, it is fabulous.  Cures the salt craving, the sweet craving, the chewy craving.  YUM!!!!!

I always check my childrens candy and now with the scare of Melamine tainted candy. 



(OMG I forgot about Take 5's.....they are awesome and hard to come by!)

Original Post by susabelle64:

I'm afraid of what might happen if we have a bunch left over!!! Of course I didnt buy my favorites....

 Careful....I have tried that in the past and ended up eating the garbage candy anyways.....make your calories count!!!!

I only got four kids at my door last night, can you believe it? And two of them were my grandkids! I live in a little connecting street with just two houses in a neighborhood that gets tons of kids on the other streets, but they just don't bother coming down to these two houses. So now I have a big bowl of my favorite candy sitting there looking at me. I thought of freezing it and rationing it out sensibly, but I have been known to eat Reese's cups still frozen, so that's no guarantee.

aero bars, or smarties :)

It probably would have been smarter to buy candy you DON'T like rather than your favorite, but I guess it's too late now...LOL! If you feel you need a candy, have it. Just count it in your calories for the day. You will find if you don't eat one, you will probably start binging in everything else and eating more calories than if you just ate the candy in the first place.

As for the rest of the candy, throw it away!

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