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Calzone calories-----HELP!

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How many calories do you think are in a calzone that is stuffed with italian sausage, ricotta cheese, and mozarella cheese.  It is about 9 inches in length....

It's from a local italian restaurant in town and they don't have any nutritional information.  How many calories should I allow for it?

Please please please tell me what you think...I get them often!!

Thanks have a beautiful day!
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When in doubt, allow 1,000
1000 is actually a decent bet, considering that a slice of pizza (those big ones you buy by the slice, of course) is ~600 calories.

That calzone sounds delicious.
i'd say 1000 at LEAST.

half of one of those pizza hut meat lovers PZones is 680. that's for HALF! probably not something you want to make a regular lunch if you are trying to lose.
Wow. Thanks for that info Jules. I will never stop being amazed at the calories in fast foods.

It's likely that the local restaurant makes their calzones with somewhat less grease than Pizza Hut; I'd count it as 1000.

There are frozen calzones at the grocery store that are delicious too - I buy president's choice pepperoni-and-cheese ones that are 640 cals each (for a whole one).

EDIT: changed the post a little when I realized malpal's situation (see post below)
malpal, I just checked your profile, you are in the refeeding phase post-ED.

Eat them calzones girl!!!! Sounds like a fun way to get back to a healthy weight. :) 
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Yes I am in the refeeding process....but I like to keep track of my calories so I can see how my body responds to everything, ya know?

Also: about the refeeding...should I eat healthy? or just try to put on weight with stuff like calzones, milkshakes, ect.

How many calories should a refeeding anorexic eat per day to gain 1 pound a week?
To gain a pound a week, you have to eat your expenditure plus 500 calories, every day. Is 1 lb a week safe for you, though? (i.e. does your doctor want you to gain faster than that?)

Honestly, whatever you can eat that will get you to that calorie level is fine. It probably can't be all healthy food because you would get too full before you reached your needed intake. Even if it's calzones and milkshakes, go for it. Make sure you aren't vitamin deficient or anything, take a vitamin pill if needed. The beauty of refeeding is that you can eat healthy foods AND junk foods together, since your calorie goals are typically pretty high... and later on, once you're healthy and in maintenance, you cut back on the junk foods a bit.

It's always a good idea to learn about how much food you need for good health later on, and plan for maintenance of your weight once you get to your desired weight. You won't always be able to eat a calzone every day. Then  again, you might be young and have a fast metabolism and you might be able to do so for a while yet.
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Do you think I can trust what this website says my expenditure says on this website even though I am recovering and my metabolism is probably all messed up???

I'm having  a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that it takes 3500 EXTRA calories to gain a pound?  My head tries to tell me that I am different and I take less calories to gain weight?  Talk some reasoning into me please.
You need 3500 extra calories to gain a pound, just like everyone else.

Yes, your metabolism is probably messed up. But it will heal itself within two weeks of eating enough, our bodies are good that way. You can trust the expenditure on this site. Really, you can. I have trusted it and have lost 40 lbs by trusting it - you can gain weight by trusting it too.

Remember, your scale will jump faster than that at first (just like I lost 7 lbs in the first 6 days of calorie counting). It's just your water and glycogen levels replenishing themselves, as well as your GI tract actually having food mass in it at all times (like normal people).

It does NOT mean that you can put on actual body weight with less than 3500 extra calories a pound - you can't. Seriously.

So you have to stay calm while the scale goes a little crazy for the first week or two. After that, you will notice that the math works very well - an extra 3500 calories added (or subtracted, for me and others like me who need to lose) to your maintenance levels, equals one pound.

Don't fret. This site can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight by letting you know what your body actually needs. You will be able to know exactly how to maintain a healthy weight. You will NOT become overweight unless you actually try for it!!! (I mean this: when I look back and realize how much I actually ate in order to become obese, it's simply staggering - makes a calzone a day look like child's play.)  :)
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Trustwomen:  How big are the calzones from president's choice? Anywhere close to 9 inches or  larger?

Also what grocery stores could I find them at?

AND do they have one stuffed with ricotta cheese?
It's a Canadian brand, we have it up here at Loblaws and Provigo and Maxi and Independent Grocers, a lot of places.

I don't think there's one stuffed with ricotta, and I think it's a bit smaller (from memory) than 9 inches.

But honestly, there's no reason for you not to enjoy the calzones at the restaurant. Consider them 1000 calories each. They will make it easier to hit your targets. :)
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