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Cals in raw vs. cooked boneless, skinless chicken?

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Do I weigh my boneless, skinless chicken breasts before or after I cook them??

Does anyone know the general difference between their pre and post cooked weight? I don't want to weigh raw chicken; yuck!!

I have already made one mistake with the chicken and now I'm thinking I've made another--weighing the cooked portion but using the "raw" portion cals! OOPS. Well, apparently it hasn't hurt me much because I'm still losing weight :)


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What's wrong with raw chicken?... LOL!  If you're squeamish, pick it up with some cling-film around it first.  An medium size raw boneless breast weighs about 5 - 6oz.  They're pretty low-cal per ounce so if you're an ounce or two out it's not the end of the world.

The difference in pre and post-cooking weight depends on the quality of the meat and the water content.  Cheap chicken tends to shrink a lot....

CC gives you the calories in cooked chicken. You should weigh it after it is cooked to get an accurate count.

4 oz raw generally equates to 3 oz cooked.

CC gives you the calories for BOTH -- if it says "cooked" then it is for cooked meat, if it doesn't presume it is raw (for something other than luncheon/deli meats)

i believe that 4 ounces of raw chicken turns into 3 ounces once it's cooked.

you could weigh either, but if you weighed it raw, i can imagine it may be a little tricky to calculate how much it would weigh cooked. i usually weigh it cooked myself, when i weigh it.

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