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How many calories in a turkey leg?

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I am going to a carnival this weekend and already know I am going to get one of those big, smoked turkey legs. I am trying to plan for it and have searched the net trying to find out approx. how many calories are in a turkey leg but have gotten a wide variety of answers, some of them differing by 700+ calories! Does anyone have any sort of answer? Thanks.

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If you're getting a lot of different answers it's because turkey legs come in a lot of different sizes depending on the size of the original turkey.   Looks like dark (leg) turkey meat is about 190 cals per 100g....  or 860 cals per lb.  As to how much you end up eating you'd have to try and judge for yourself.

Just went to a similar carnival last weekend and ended up eating 3000 calories between the turkey leg, ice cream and soup in the bread bowl!  When I looked up the turkey, I found 1,000 calories but I probably could have just eaten 1/2 of the leg if I had known that it was so dense in calories.  Good luck!

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