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How Many Calories In A Slice of Brown Bread?

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first, what the heck is brown bread? no really.

i buy these "brown breads" at the supermarket, and they're shaped just... u know... squares...... just like bread u use for making sandwiches and stuff?

but they're labeled "brown bread" and yeah... i guess i can see some "whole grain/wheat" (dun really know the difference) in them.. and yeahh.. the color's generally "brown"... what's brown bread??

id also like to know the # of calories it has.

this bread is just normal kind - not ones for ppl on a diet or anything like that.

thanksssss xXx 

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Hmmmm.. i really do wish someone would answer me.... hmmmmm
Just read the wrapper. Label will contain a listing of all ingredients as well as the nutritional info (including calories per slice/serving.)

You could also peruse this site's calorie database.

Sometimes brown bread is just bread with brown food coloring, sometimes it's predominantly wheat bread or it's a multi-grain bread. You'll definitely have to check the ingredients.


I'd guess between 95 and 135kcal per slice (depending on the thickness).
Original Post by dreamer88:

I'd guess between 95 and 135kcal per slice (depending on the thickness).

 Undecided aha! so you think it'll be safe for me assume that a slice of bread is.... around 100 calories?

the brown bread i got here are not REALLY THIN but definitely not REALLY THICK! i think it's about... 1 cm wide?

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