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Calories of rice

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Question about the calories of rice.  The rice I cook measures by 1/4 cup uncooked for 150 calories and that this gives 3/4 cup cooked.  I take 1/2 cup of uncooked rice and I get 1 cup of cooked rice.  So by the uncooked measurements it is 300 calories and by the cooked it is 200.  I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to go by cooked or uncooked measurements.  Or why my rice turns out different Yell

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You're eating cooked rice... not uncooked. Calorie count has 1c white rice (cooked) at 205 cals.
Weigh the uncooked rice.   When cooked, all that is added is water.  The longer you cook it the more water it absorbs, the bulkier it becomes and the heavier it gets.  So the cooked weight will differ depending on the cooking time and the absorbency of the rice.   If you start out with 300 cals of uncooked rice you end up with 300 cals of cooked rice regardless of how many cups or ounces it as become.
Jul 18 2008 15:40
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Stick with the dry measure methods for calorie counting if you can.  Weighing works best, but most of us have 99 measuring cups and no scales in the kitchen.  1/4 cup of dry rice is ABOUT 40 grams. At 4 calories per gram, that's 160 calories worth.

At a restaurant it's a whole different matter have to guess everything, and usually it's based on the volume: a piece of meat the size of a pack of cards, a rice bowl that looks like about 1/2 a cup, an ice cream scoop that holds 1/4 cup, etc, etc.
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Well that's depressing.  Sneaky 100 calories.  Thanks for the replies

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