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Calories in Quinoa????

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Wow, the internet is seriously got me all over the map today. Until i can get to the store tomorrow and look at a box of the damn stuff, does any have some home where they can give me the nutritional value? Not from this site or the internet, from an actual package.

I have seen on here and the net

1/4 cup =114 calories

1/3 cup = 222 calories

1 cup = under 200 calores

1 cup = 600+!! calories

and a whole bunch of other  out of whack numbers, i can't even determine an average if i wanted.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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1/4 cup dry = 160 cals. This will yield ~1/2 cup cooked quinoa, which will also have 160 cals.

Thank you!

Also depends on how its prepared.  If you use chicken or veggie stock, be sure to add the calories of the amount of stock you use. 

160 is ballpark correct for quinoa from what I have seen.


By the way, excellent bang for the buck as far as nutrition goes, especially talking about a grain.   

Ya that's why i plan on switching to it...

wow... the one I use has a much different listing. The box says 1 cup uncooked is 180 cal - makes about 3 cups cooked.

hmmm I better double check that haha

lol see what i mean...the #'s are all over the place

The stats I used are from a package of Bob's Red Mill quinoa (and cooked in water).

Thank you star

Original Post by nothingface81:

1/4 cup =114 calories DRY VOLUME

1/3 cup = 222 calories DRY VOLUME

1 cup = under 200 calores COOKED VOLUME

1 cup = 600+!! calories DRY VOLUME

Like all grains, quinoa expands when it is cooked and soaks up the liquid... depending on how much water you add will vary the volume of end product that you get. 

Water does NOT add calories; but it does add WEIGHT.

Always measure grains dry for the most accurate measurement. 

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Frown   i just realized that the box has the serving size as the dry weight. I've been eating 1/4 this whole time thinking that was the serving size. oh well. i think I'm just gonna keep doing it. its not like i struggle to meet my calorie goals Innocent

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