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How many calories in this pizza?

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Hi guys!

I had a slice of pizza today, and I was just wondering how to log it into my food log. It was from a small pizzeria and that's why I can't look up the nutritionals online like I would be able to for big chains like Papa John's and Pizza Hut. Hope you guys could help me!

The pizza that I had was considered "vegetarian" - it had black olives, onions, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese on it. The crust was neither thick nor thin, and it was about average in oiliness for a pizza. One slice was 1/10th of a pie, and the pie was about 14" in diameter. It wasn't totally smothered with cheese; the layer of cheese was less than 1cm in thickness.

I would really like to have some estimates for the calorie count of this slice of pizza because I'm trying hard to maintain now and I wouldn't like to eat more or eat less than I am supposed to. Thanks for your help in advance!

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Apr 02 2009 01:25
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My rule of thumb is 1600 calories for a 12" pizza that's not loaded with fatty toppings.  For 1/10 of a 14" pizza I estimate 220 calories.

If I can't find the exact food, I go to all the similar name brand items and average the nutritional info from them. 

14"= large but 1/10 as opposed to standard 1/8 I would go papa johns, pizza hut and dominos and find their calorie count for a small slice of veggie pizza, average them together and volia.  Not exact but I am sure it would bring you close.

Just be sure it was 1/10th and not 1/8th. Most places use 8 slices and that can make a difference in the calore amount.

I agree that you'd be best off estimating by averaging some common calories in similar pizzas (of a slightly smaller size since you only had 1/0th). It won't be exact, but even in those big chain restaurants the calorie estimates per slice are never perfectly accurate anyway.

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