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Calories in Oreo Cream?

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Okay so I was wondering, does anyone know the cal content on just the cream of the oreos cuz I always scrape the cream off and I was curious to know what the cal content of like just the cookie part was or w/e. Thanks!
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A rough estimate, without the cream, I'd guess that one half of an oreo would be equivalent to about one nilla wafer...
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Email the company! I'm curious now. o.O
You should just buy those 100 calorie Oreo packs. They just have the black cookie part with specks of icing in them.
Personally, I love the cream part and happily abandon the chocolate cookie.  So I'm curious too!
yeah...i wanna know too...i do the same thing!...i like to scrape off the cream cuz i think it's too sweet...i did the 100 calorie packs for a while...but the cookie isn't the same...i like the real thing more...:)
this is funny to me cause i consider the oreo with out the cream to be one of those worthless high calorie foods,  really do you really like that cookie part...i think just about any cookie is tastier,  
No laughing but I called Nabisco 800-323-0768 and it is not known.  Wah.  I agree its the crunchiness and taste of the cookie and the cream which you gotta figure is oil and sugar  is the most criminal.  I figure its probably calorie wise equivilant to vanilla icing.

me and my dad were talking about that!


well i was thinking if the double stuff oreos are 2 for 140 cals, and the regular are 3 for 150 or whatever, the cookies are going to be the same and you could prob calculate it since the cream in double the cals in the double stuff..

it confuses me though so i dont wanna try :D

SO WEIRD!!! about an hour ago i was eating the cream out of an oreo and was wondering the EXACT same thing!! small small world!

gaincontrol_now if you calculate it by that method....

Double Stuff= 140/2 = 70 cals per cookie

Regular= 150/3= 50 cals per cookie

70 cals - 50 cals = 20 cals

So if the cal difference between one double stuff and one regular is 20 then the frosting estimate would be 20 cals for a regular oreo and 40 for the double stuff.


cool so now we know!!


       &nb sp;               REGULAR FILLING 20 calories!  
       &nb sp;       Not good at math but Im good at puzzles.   

Because 3 reg Oreos are 150 cal, then 2 are 100.
We already know 2 doublestuffed is 140.
Doublestuffed has 2 extra filling and 40 extra calories.
Therefore each filliing is 20 cal. 
A 50cal reg Oreo minus a 20cal filling equals 30cal for two cookie halves or 15cal each.

  20 cal ..... One filling 
  15 cal ..... One of the two chocolate sides

   50 cal ..... Regular Oreo 15+20+15
 150 cal ..... 3 Reg Oreos (per Nabisco)

   70 cal ..... Double stuff 15+20+20+15
 140 cal ..... 2 Doublestuffed Oreos (per nabisco)

Bulma got it faster and explained it easier.

Thats why is better to know math then to do puzzles.  WAH.

Ok, this whole thread just got me curious and then Sun comes around and makes me laugh.  Great minds around here in CC! 

I can't believe Nabisco had nothing productive to contribute to this.

A few chuckles from the Nabisoc rep was all they offered.
Obviously NOT a dieter.  :D

hehe good math-ing

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Your logic is a little off and your proof is not a proof at all. You are assuming that Doublestuf cookie actually has 2x the "stuf" inside. You are also assuming they use the exact same cookie part, which they may not. You are also assuming they are using the exact same filling, which they may not. Given the information you have, you cannot compute the calories of the filling. All you can compute is the calorie difference between Regular and Doublestuf by weight unit. You cannot prove anything about the calories of the Regular cookie filling:

Regular:160cal / 34g = 4.7cal/g

Double: 140cal / 29g = 4.8cal/g

You can guess, but don't call it a proof...


Three years later, I'm guessing they're not too bothered.

Looks like my general rule of thumb of 5 cals/gram for junk food still holds.  Smile

omg this thread was great :) It not only gave my a giggle, but made me feel more sane for being OCD about calculating calories sometimes!

I'd also like to add that, if sun123 is still around to read this, what she did was absolutely math - and that puzzle solving is just as valuable as math (and, in many cases, the same thing).

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