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How many calories is one hard-boiled egg?

Quote  |  Reply gived the value for one cup. But what is for one egg?
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you can change it to view how many calories in one large egg.

It says 78 calories for one large hard boiled egg
I feel like an idiot.  Thanks !!
anyone know how many calories in one hard boiled egg white (ditch the yolk)? is it the same as for a single raw egg white?
yup. it's the same as for one raw egg white. 
cool! that's what i've been using!
wait wait wait, ur not saying that the egg white on its own is still 78 calories are you!?
the egg white is 17 calories. cuts out a ton. :)

Also cuts out nearly all of the fat and cholesterol
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Dont feel like an idiot. I've been coming here a month and I didnt know you could do that either. Still learning every day. Thanks for the heads up.
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why does it say one raw egg is 17 calories but when you hard boil it it is then 78 calories?  How does boiling it add 60cals?
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Never mind I just answered my own question (duh!).   The 17 cals are for egg whites only....   (Now it's my turn to play the idiot!)
i used to be a strict egg white girl, but now...i have been eating Eggland's best because they have less fat or cholesterol or something...bottom line is, they only had 70 calories per egg and are all natural I do 3 egg whites with one egg (roughly 115 calories) and it is SO much tastier and I imagine more nutritious. Just a thought
Aug 10 2007 15:52
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In lieu of peanut butter this AM I had extra eggs around and ate 4 scrambled egg whites.  I count it as 4 x 17 = 68 calories (didn't oil the pan) - about the same as 2 tsp peanut butter or 1 cooked whole egg.  Lots of protein - no carbs and fat.  Tasty with feta cheese and salsa as a topping.
I recommend having an organic egg with omega-3. It is great for health, full of benefits. I don't overeat them. Just 3-4 eggs a week.
My cardiologist says 4 eggs a week is just fine.  I don't eat much saturated fat, so my cholesterol in food is always low.  I eat them to get the folates in the yolks.
For healthy people, I thought up to 14 eggs a week didn't pose problem?

I eat 8-10 a week. And I use the calorie value on the carton - 70 cals an egg (I think a "large" egg is a bit smaller in Canada)
I exercise lots, and it keeps my cholesterol wonderfully low and my blood pressure low and my resting heart low. I'm in awesome shape, and I eat the egg yolks people.
The egg yolks, although fatty, have lots of nutrients as well. I never ditch them, they are also very filling.
But that's just me of course.


HOw can you change it to 1 hard boiled egg. I cant figgure it out

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Are eggs a part of your daily eating routine.  just trying to get suggestions for what to eat in the morning.  Not really a breakfast person...

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