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calories in oatmeal/porridge

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Sorry, I know this question has probably been asked a billion times - but does anyone know the calories in 1/2 cup of  dry, uncooked porridge oats?  Is it 150 calories? 

thanks very much


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Yes. You can look up any foods on the search engine btw.

1/2 cup of dry oats (40 grams) is 150 calories.

I typed oats into the search engine and this is what I got.  Take your pick


40 grams is about 150. Unfortunately 1/2 cup usually turns out to be over 50 grams when I just measure it with a cup.

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thanks guys.  i tried using the search engine, but all i got was some oatmeal at starbucks and au bon pain!  I will try to play around with it...!

Also, that is quite worrying about the gram/volume measurements.  I live in the UK, so they only list calories per grams - but I am from the US so I find it much easier to use cup/half-cup type measurements -- it's very difficult to eye-ball 40 grams.   But probably the best thing I can do is invest in a very accurate kitchen scale! 

Cups are OK for measuring when you don't have to be too accurate.  Scales are dirt-cheap and save a lot of guessing....  Once you've measured out 50g porridge oats a few times you'll be able to judge it better by eye.
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