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Calories in Mooncake? Any asians?

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Firstly, Happy Moon Festival everyone! :D


I was just wondering, how many calories can be found though in 1 regular-sized lotus paste w/ egg yolk mooncake? I read somewhere that it's a TON (something like 1000+ calories), but I'd like to know definitely...'cause I love them. ;-;


What I found really funny though was this article on the Dept of Health in Taiwan warning people about the perils of eating too much mooncake and BBQ. Shame the US govnt isn't so concerned for our health isn't it?

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happy moon festival to you too! :D

well, a mooncake lotus paste with egg yolk which is around 3 inches in diameter has around 790cals & 45g of fats! i've avoided mooncakes ever since i gotta know the ridiculous amount of calories in just one of them tiny cakes.


Just ate 395 cals! Glad I didn't have lunch then...

I can never help it. ): My family always buys the oldfashioned ones too which are more calorie-heavy.

Do you think the ones with or without yolk are more calorific? I actually really dislike the egg yolk in there and always prefer the solid lotus or red bean paste ones.

Knowing what I do about them now, I can't believe I used to eat TWO in one sitting!
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Considering how sweet they are I suspect they have Lots of calories.   If you know some one bilingual maybe they can hunt up some calorie counts. I cannot see people of Tiawan and Singapore ignoring basic health reserch like calorie counts on favourite Asian foods.


As for US govenment, most of the world relies on US medical reserch and its data.  If you read recent papers you will find it is US money that is trying to find African normals for blood work. NOT african money finaly paying for the nessary population normals that would make medical care in Africa more effective. It was AN african who noticed that western norms might not work and alerted Americans that it would be good to fund getting African normal. Notice how he did not go to Africans to see the need for funding.   It is not like information is not there for US citizens to look up.   You should hear the fuss made when the US tried to curb smoking throush ads and leglislation. Maybe you were too young.   Tiawan from what I hear still has a vastly undereducated population that still needs education. Just look at Singapore, Hong Kong and Chinas efforts at public education.  That said, the huge influx of immigrants to the US is deteoriating American education levels across the country in the last 50 years.  Despite deciding their homelands are horrible to live in, immigrants and their children are not willing enough to learn what made the US great. (think of hispanics who are not willing to do their best to become bilingual as to be able to access american history and writers)  The "Shame the US govnt isn't so concerned for our health isn't it? " says it all.  YOU think the internet would be around WITHOUT US govenment money?  If so you HAVE a lot to learn. Shows the comple ignorance about the knowlaege that is available to US citizens. YOU are responsible for you. Are you a baby to be told everything-that IS lack of freedom, YOU have to find out and judge for yourself.  If the knowlege is not there - DO something. Lack of info on Asian foods ? than get the information found, check on  its relibiality, get it properly translated , give it to CC and wait patiently for them to get the buget to incoperate in in their data base. AMERICANS are supposed to have doubts about govenment know-it-all ness. Why else the seperation of govenment- so that not one idiot would have control- Americans are to exercise judgement.  Bush might be an example of just how low the general american public standards are nowdays. Do you really think a man like Lincon might be elected now? Some one who can "lead" his country dispite he risk attracted ( he was assinated) (for preent day examples of political courage look at Lebenon). Not religious nuts like muslims told their 7th centuray prophet is a know it all - notice the trapping of their lives are complety un7th centurey- how many american muslimss use fields for toilets , stones and sticks for toilet paper, animal transport insted of cars, bows and knives instead of guns and bombs, drink camel urine instead of taking vitamins, etc.) Lincon was able to go beyond his race,religion, upbringing to demand that Americans view slavery as unjust.  By the way I'm not US.  Just loved great Americans who cared for the best in all peoples and in their country - Rachel Carson, Andre Norton, Issac Asimov,etc.   I HATE the way some living in the US are so ignorant they bash where they live.  Anybody would think they were FORCED to live in the US by the american govenment. Once they are 16 their parents cannot use US  laws to force them to stay in the US.   Why not "Shame my parents aren't so concerned for my health isn't it? "  Thats way more logical,  look at the amount of teens posting to CC looking for advice. (and the number of adults posting delighted at CC's resources - an AMERICAN resource made avialable by US govenment funding!.. Think  - in a place like Hati or Dafur, would the ones running this site would be able to devote that much effort to a "frivolous" site like this ? they HAVE weight problems in finding food to eat, not what to eat.)  


 A rant maybe but sometimes its the only way to treat some types of ignorance.

What's a mooncake? sounds delish!
Yea they do sound good! .... (heh love the banner ad at the top, it says "Eat mooncakes. Tour Beijing." hah, i guess they must be REALLY good if they are trying to lure you to other countries with them!)
Yup, those innocent-looking (not to mention tasty) mooncakes are practically sent by the devil to taunt us. The calorie count varies depending on which brand you buy but they're generally very, VERY high. I suggest that you eat a small piece of it at a time (preferably without the yolk) if you really crave them. The ones I have at home are 200 calories each (they're pretty tiny); I'd have 1/4 of one when I can't resist, but otherwise I leave them alone.

I was trying to figure out the connection between mooncakes and asian culture.  See, Im new to the south and I was thinking moonpies.  No Im all curious about these mooncakes though - they sound decadant.  Then again, probably better not to pursue and not know what Im miising considering the posts about the calories.

nsgardener: I will mail you since continuing your thread of discussion would be throwing the topic off. XD But to put here, I was simply saying that I don't see the news saying something like, "Go easy on the pumpkin pie!" around Thanksgiving.


Gaaaah they're so amazing though. ): I'll just try to ignore the pile of them sitting in my fridge then. I really want to try the "healthy" ones. I heard they're made of frozen yogurt instead, or jelly. XD Must be pretty odd....

yeah. i got the frozen ones and then actually have the calorie count on the package. it's like 400 for one regular sized one. half the calories of the traditional ones!
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Instead of making a new topic, I thought I'd try asking here...

today my friend gave me half of a moon cake.  The whole cake was 1, maybe 1.5 inches in diameter, so I think it was a mini one?  She said something about eggs and white beans.
Sorry that's not much information, but how many calories do you think were in the half I ate?

I'd never heard of a white bean mooncake. Looked it up and wiki told me sometimes white kidney beans are used? XD I'm betting it's less calorific than the lotus seed paste ones. Even more so if there wasn't any egg yolk. I've been looking around for definite info but can't seem to find it. ):

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my family owns a bakery and mooncakes are soo yummy, but so deadly! there is all kinds of fat in it, LARD, trans, sat. fat! and its packed with sugar also.

i wouldn't consider eating a whole big one everyday, because eventually u'll feel ur heart clog. but u can always take a big one, and cut it into 7 pieces, one for each day =)

Oh my god. XD Your family owns a BAKERY?! I'd probably die.

Well not really. Just be a huge tub of fat. (:

Lol, I watched my mom take out a whole one to eat this morning:


Me: You know those have something like 1000 calories right...? O_O

Mother: That's it? Wow I must be eating healthier!


She has no idea about the value of a calorie. Even when I told her that ~2000 a day is what she should have, she just went "oh...=shrug=". Blaaaah @ her size 2-4ness. 

I've had regular-sized mooncakes stuffed with low-fat red bean icecream that are around 250cals each. They were REALLY REALLY good ;P.
Original Post by dovebunnie:

Firstly, Happy Moon Festival everyone! :D


I was just wondering, how many calories can be found though in 1 regular-sized lotus paste w/ egg yolk mooncake? I read somewhere that it's a TON (something like 1000+ calories), but I'd like to know definitely...'cause I love them. ;-;

 From the box I bought:

 Per Half Cake (Double Yolk):

Calories: 400

Fat: 21g

Saturated Fat: 4g

Cholesterol: 121mg

Sodium: 78mg

Total Carbohydrates: 48g

Dietary Fiber: 2g

Sugars: 33g

Protein: 5g

Yep, that's 800 Cals/cake. 

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According to Wikipedia, white kidney beans are sometimes used instead of lotus paste because it's expensive. So that's probably it...

Ah well, I just said it was 150 and left it at that
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