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Hello. I'm currently pregnant and heard that it is good to suck on lemon drops to stop the nausea. However, I cannot find for the life of me how many calories are in one, or what a serving is or anything. I don't have the bag either. Does anyone know?? Thanks!
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Huh. Rrreally, it's going to vary from brand to brand and with ingredients. For natural remedies, though, my aunt drank ginger tea through her pregnancy to ward off morning sickness. It might work for you too. x: Otherwise, look on packets.

Honestly, though, I doubt a lemon drop is going to make a huge impact on your daily intake! ^^

I think most hard candy is about the same since it's mostly pure sugar or corn syrup.  If you look up "hard candy" in the food log, it says something like 3 pieces being a serving - I don't remember the number of calories per serving, though (I do remember being surprised that it wasn't higher than it was).  I know with Lemon Head candies, 20 pieces are 100 calories, but they are about the size of an M&M.

Baked tortilla chips are the only thing that worked for me for nausea when I was pregnant.  I've been told it was the salt that did the trick, though.  If you are taking vitamins in the morning, switch to taking them at night.  Makes a huge difference.

Your typically-sized hard candy has about 20 calories a piece. Which isn't bad if you stick to one or two, but it can spell disaster if you gobble the whole packet! lol

I'll second the ginger tea (or suck on ginger candy).

It worked perfectly for me.

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