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How many calories are there in green tea?

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One cup, of about 240 grams, unsweetened. Made out of tea leaves.

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Negligible.  You may even experience a negative calorie effect due to the caffeine boost.

None! Or if there are any they're so residual you shouldn't bother logging.

I know bags are usually marked with 2cals, and well, inside of the tea bags there ARE leaves, so it's all the same... So 2cals for approximately  1 litre = .5cal for 250ml. See nothing to worry about! :D

Why are you worrying about calories in tea?

well, not worrying. I just realized I drink a lot of tea, and if one cup has 5 calories, then I can add up to 25 calories per day, and I need to log that.

I read on some sites that 100ml green tea has 2 kcal, and one mug has 250 ml of tea, and since I drink 500 ml green tea alone, that's another 10 kcal per day.

I also drink one mug chamomile, one mug rooibos-vanilla, and one mug hibiscus each day, so that's some calories.

The green tea I make is from leaves, not tea bags. I put 2 teaspoon leaves per 1 liter of water.

Well I think it's 2cal per tsp of leaves, I'm not sure since there isn't much info on loose tea leaves. But if you make all your tea with the same leaves, say 2 litres with 1/2 teaspoons, surely you wouldn't have to worry? Not to mention you'd waste less :p That's what I do (not to save calories but money, since I like very expensive tea and drink WAY too much of it)

ETA: Btw, no cup of 100 ml tea or 250ml for that matter (without sweetener) has 2cal. It only amounts to something when you drink industrial quantities of it.

they're "trace" calories, and not worth logging

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