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calories in green tea ?

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I recently bought a pack of tea bags from a local chinese store in the hope of getting 'authentic' green tea. The only problem is that I could not read most labels except for the little that was written in english. I bought one pack that says "Japanese green tea Sencha. The vert du japanese. " marketed by tea plus international.

Anyway, when I got home I noticed (on the label) that each tea bag has  35 calories of which 27 are from fat (around 3 g of fat) !! I am really surprised since I had assumed that plain green tea (without cream/sugar) was zero calories.

Ok, so I have 2 questions -

Where do the calories come from - especially the 'fat' calories ?

And do you have any reccos for future green tea purchases - if I want 'authentic' green tea, then does anyone know of good Japanese/Chinese tea brands ?
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Someone here had the same problem!

I cannot explain that, as all the teas I have bought have no calories.

I would would have to say, stick with a brand like Celestial Seasonings. I've never had any problems with them.
Ok.. I tried searching in the CC archives and also googled for the same problem - but no luck. Do let me know if you hear of anything.

 It is odd @ fat content in green tea. If anything, I get results about fat burning because of green tea intake.

I have a lot of 35 calorie tea bags :D... so Im stuck with that for a while.. Moderation is the key!

I'll definitely go for a brand name next time... or at least check the nutrition label for sure!
calories in tea?!?  I've never heard of such a clue
that's strange. if its just plain green tea (loose leaf or in a tea bag) it shouldn't contain any calories.

i have bigelow green tea and it says specifically "no calories, carbs or fat". that brand is pretty tasty but if you ever go back to that chinese store, try the loose green teas, they usually come in a tin container.
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