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calories in the end piece of bread

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are there just as many, less, more?

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okay, this is a new level of obsessive.

If it's half the thickness of the other pieces, probably half.  If it's twice as thick as the other pieces, probably twice as many.  Otherwise, call it a regular slice of bread.

a new level? I wouldn't say that...

susiecue: I never considered thickness. thanks. : )

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Actually I think it's a good question, even if you want to know if you're still getting the same amount of fiber, protein, etc. as the rest of the bread. If you have a food scale, weigh it and compare it to the serving size listed on the package.

Definitely not as bad as the lipgloss post :)

What about if you burn the toast and have to scrape some off? how many calories is that?

Hahha kidding of course Wink

The crust is the most nutrious part of the bread, I'm not sure on the cal content though.

And exactly that's where my scale comes in.....I love weighing everything! hehehe

How is the crust more nutritious than the rest of the bread ?

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My dad used to tell me that to get me to eat the crust, then my mom said it's the same as the rest of the bread, just hardened. Yea.

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