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Calories in Cotton Candy (the Monster bag)

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Ok, so i went to the fair today and to reward myself for not eating one of the oh so delicious smelling treats i got a big bag of cotton candy. According to various sites it is about 110 calories for 1 ounce. The monster bag at the fair said 2 1/4 (2.25) ounces so i was like alrighty about 250 calories for so much goodness. I got home and as with all my food i weighed a hunk of it on the scale. It came to 2 ounces for a little under a fourth of the bag (my scale is very accurate). So that means it was probably about 8 ounes total even though the bag said 2.25. I know this sounds dumb but there couldnt be anything else in the cotton candy throwing this off could there? I dont know how to count this cotton candy now and it sucks.

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Are you sure the bag says that it contains 2-1/4 ounces?  And not that one serving is 2-1/4 ounces?  Often, products like that have smaller serving sizes than you might expect - like snack cakes that list the calories for "one serving" of half a cake.

Nope, definitely says 2 1/4 ounces on the front of the bag down where the net weights usually are listed.

Could your cotton candy have gained moisture from the air?

I would like to know about cotton candy as well since this is one of my downfalls for sweets.  I figure it couldnt be to fat, just sugar and flavoring.  If any one knows that would be great.  

I think the only way to get the accurate cal of cotton candy is to make it yourself and know how much sugar you added and get the cal from the sugar....

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I do concessions and make cotton candy.   When the cotton candy is first made, it is light as a feather literally.  The longer it sits around especially in heat, the heavier it becomes.   Usually the bags come preprinted and at a fair, they usually make it in the booth.  If they are making it in the booth, they can't possibly know exactly how much it weighs.

I love the stuff and making it is worse becasue I'm tasting all day at festivals.   I guess just enjoy the fluffy stuff in moderation. 

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